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Top 10 Double Door Fridges

Best Selling Double Door Refrigerator Price List along with features, specifications is provided in this article. Top 10 double door fridge of popular brands which includes Whirlpool, Samsung, Haier, LG, etc are mentioned in the list. We value for your money and providing the best refrigerator double door in India on top stores with exciting discounts. You feel convenient than refrigerator with single door as separate compartments for fridge and freezer are available in double door fridge. According to the latest release of double refrigerators with best user ratings are considered and included in the list. There are many colours available in double door fridge with same model number, so choose which suits for your home. If you are satisfied with the features buy best refrigerator double door 2018 online with links provided to amazon store and flipkart from our checktop10 site.

10 Best Double Door Refrigerator Review Online

Are you confused in deciding which type of refrigerator suits your needs perfectly? No worry just consider the factors we provide to buy a new refrigerator. Double door refrigerator has two compartments, so when you open one compartment power outage will be less thus reduces the power bills. Mostly if you want above 250 litres capacity fridge, opt for best double door fridge from our site. Best and top models of refrigerator with double door are provided with complete specs like star rating, capacity, type of fridge. Extensive research was made by our team for providing the list of top 10 double door fridge which will be updated on regular basis.

Top 10 Double Door Fridge in India 2018

Read the total reviews of best double door refrigerator list available below and purchase with top offers. Below the image of top 10 double door fridge products we provide external links which directs you to the buying stores. You can also compare refrigerator double door of all brands which provide more advanced features for your easy level of comfort. To the maximum extent list includes best double door refrigerators under Rs 25,000 which is cost effective so every one can buy without any obligations. EMI facility is also available, if you cannot afford for best fridge double door from top brands with best models.

1. Samsung RT34M3053S8 321 L 3 Star Frost Free Double Door Refrigerator

Samsung RT34M3053S8 321 L 3 Star Frost Free Double Door Refrigerator

Strong odors from the stored food is eliminated by the inbuilt Samsung 321 L frost free double door refrigerator Deodorizing Filter. Design of Samsung double door refrigerator RT34M3053S8 is very convenient to use with the recess handle. If the members in your family is below 6, Samsung 321 Ltr convertible refrigerator is sufficient enough for your needs. Growth of ice is stopped by automatic frost free feature of Samsung refrigerator double door 3 star RT34M3053S8. According to the demand of cooling Samsung double door fridge digital inverter compressor adjusts the speed and decreases the noise. You can enjoy long period of comfort with 321 Litres Samsung fridge double door frost free with toll free assistance by 1800 110 011, 1800 3000 8282.

  • Features
  • Specifications

  • Best double door refrigerator of Samsung has star rating of three.
  • Every corner of refrigerator is maintained with even temperature by all round cooling feature.
  • Deodorizing Filter in Samsung double door fridge reduces the bad smell.
  • At the time of power outages automatically connects with the Inverter.
  • Compressor of best refrigerator double door uses smart inverter technology.
  • Moisture fresh zone maintains equal moisture even at high humidity levels.
  • Frost free feature automatically defrosts the extra ice for smooth operation.

Brand Samsung
Type of Samsung Fridge Top Freezer Double Door
Model RT34M3053S8
Defrosting Type Frost Free
Shelf Material Toughened Glass
Shade Elegant Inox
Energy Efficiency 3 Star Rating
Compressor Used Digital Inverter Technology
Capacity in Litres 321 L
Warranty One year for Samsung fridge double door and 10 years for compressor

2. Haier 320 L Frost Free Double Door HRB-3404BS-R/E Refrigerator

Haier 320 L Frost Free Double Door Refrigerator HRB-3404BS-R,E

Haier HRB-3404BS-R/E double door refrigerator price is around rupees 25,000 with support through 1800-200-9999, 1800-102-9999 help line numbers. Best Haier double door fridge 320 Ltr bottom freezer reduces your strain of bending down to take something from refrigerator compartment. Separate storage basket for fruits is available in Haier refrigerator double door in order to avoid mixing of smell and flavors. The bottom feet of best double refrigerator Haier frost free is adjustable and has a guarantee period of 10 years on compressor. Collection of ice in HRB-3404BS-R/E Haier 320 L frost free refrigerator double door is very simple by turning ice tray. Energy usage by double door Haier best refrigerator 2018 is very less which preserves around 35%.

  • Features
  • Specifications

  • Freezer is at bottom for appropriate storing of meat, ice creams.
  • The cool pad of Haier best fridge double door is large enough for 10 hrs of cooling at power cuts.
  • For longer periods the vegetables or fruits is fresher by separate baskets.
  • High speed icing making by Haier double door refrigerator for your parties.
  • Large group of 5 members family can use 320 Ltr best double door fridge.
  • Auto melt behaviour of ice makes the freezer compartment clear.
  • 3 energy star efficiency for saving the power bills.

Brand Name Haier
Storage Capacity 320 Ltr
Star Rating 3
Warranty Period Haier best refrigerator double door has compressor guarantee for 10 years and 1 year on domestic product.
Colour Silver Brush Line
Type of Haier Defrosting Freeze Free
Model of Compressor Reciprocatory
Name of the Model HRB-3404BS-R/HRB-3404BS-E
Refrigerator Type Double Door Bottom Freezer
Material of Shelfs Glass Shelves
Handle Recess

3. Samsung 345 L Frost Free RT37M3743S8 Double Door Refrigerator

Samsung RT37M3743S8 345 L Frost Free Double Door Refrigerator

You have flexibility to control the cooling, temperature, and all other settings with Samsung double door refrigerator 345 L LED display. For your modern home Samsung refrigerator double door RT37M3743S8 adds stylish looks with the hidden hinges and recess handles. If you forgot to close Samsung double door fridge frost free, alarm alerts you for cutting the cost of electricity. Equal level of cooling is provided for all the shelves in Samsung RT37M3743S8 345 Ltr refrigerator by all round cooling technology. The most important feature of Samsung fridge double door 345 Litre is two level of temperature controls for refrigerator and freezer. You can store more food and large bottles as Samsung best double door refrigerator provides more storage space.

  • Features
  • Specifications

  • Extra space of 88 litres to store the food by convertible freezer.
  • Longevity and efficiency of Samsung fridge double door increases by digital inverter.
  • Adjust everything with digital display for your comfort.
  • No requirement of stabilizer along with deodorizing filter.
  • Recessed handles provide more beauty to your modern house.
  • Alarm for door reminds to close Samsung best double door refrigerator 2018.
  • Easily suits for 3 to 5 members of family with capacity 345 L.

Name of the Brand Samsung
Shelve Material Toughened Glass
Model RT37M3743S8
Type of Samsung Refrigerator Freezer Top Double Door
Shade Elegant Inox
Period of Warranty Enjoy one year, ten years on Samsung Fridge and Compressor.
Defrosting Type Frost Free
Technology Used Dual Fan
Capacity for Storage 345 L
Compressor Digital Inverter
Energy Star Rating 3 Stars

4. LG 255 L GL-Q282RPOY Double Door Frost Free Refrigerator

LG GL-Q282RPOY 255 L Frost Free Double Door Refrigerator

Regarding any technical issues related to LG frost free double door refrigerator dial the 1800 180 9999 toll free customer number. or You can troubleshoot the issues by calling the helpline service and placing the mobile on the fridge which diagnoise the problem with solution. Brightness across LG GL-Q282RPOY Double Door Fridge is maintained evenly by the LED which is placed at top. Items you frequently use can be placed in a separate pull out tray of LG refrigerator double door 255 L. Best innovation of smart inverter compressor used in LG 255 Ltr frost free fridge double door to save 36% of energy. Volume of storage available for LG double door fridge is 255 litres which best fits for households consisting of 5 members.

  • Features
  • Specifications

  • Economical LG double door refrigerator price is nearly 22,000 Rs.
  • Compressor used in LG refrigerator has high guarantee term for 10 years.
  • Even distribution of cooling by multiple air vents.
  • Your vegetables are fresh for long days through ever fresh zone.
  • Easily collect the ice with double twist ice tray.
  • Your issues with LG double door fridge is solved by smart diagnosis.
  • Compressor used is smart inverter type which adjust the speed for providing cooling.

Brand LG
Power Efficiency 3 Star Rating
Design Type Floral
Defrosting Frost Free
Colour Purple Orchid
Type of Shelves Glass
Used Compressor Smart Inverter
Model Name GL-Q282RPOY
Volume for Storage 255 Litres
Guarantee Period LG provides 10 years for compressor and 1 year for GL-Q282RPOY frost free double door fridge
LG Refrigerator Type Double Door Freezer Top

5. LG 255 L 3 Star Frost-Free Double Door Refrigerator GL-Q282SPAM

LG 255 L 3 Star Frost-Free Double Door Refrigerator GL-Q282SPAM

LG GL-Q282SPAM frost free double door fridge price is mostly affordable with cost of about Rs 22,500. LG is the best selling company in terms of double door refrigerator with cooling in four different ways. You can store the ice for your parties with ease through LG refrigerator double door 255 L and twist the tray for gathering ice. According to food amount you store LG fridge double door GL-Q282SPAM smart inverter compressor adjusts the cooling levels. Inside the LG 255 Ltr frost free refrigerator double door looks premium with top led light. Moisture inside LG best double door refrigerator 2018 GL-Q282SPAM is maintained perfect through special lattice box. The items you use frequently can be stored in a special tray without causing disturbance to the normal shelves in LG frost free 255 Litre double door fridge.

  • Features
  • Specifications

  • Multiple flow air vents for protecting healthy food.
  • Bad smell is absorbed by the LG fridge deodorizer fresher.
  • Anti bacterial gasket keeps away the fungi and bacteria.
  • Star rating of 3 uses less electricity and saves your money.
  • Beverages stored in LG refrigerator double door available with chill in less time.
  • Compressor operates very silently with extreme performance.
  • Unique premium design with attractive interior.

Brand Name LG
Storage Capacity 255 Ltr
Period of Guarantee For a period of 10 years enjoy warranty on compressor and domestic warranty of one year on product.
Type of Fridge Top Freezer Double Door
Shade Purple Aster
LG Defrosting Type Freezer Free
Compressor Type Smart Inverter Compressor
Material of Shelfs Toughened Glass
Efficiency of Energy 3 Star
Model GL-Q282SPAM

6. Samsung RT30M3043UT 275 L 3 Star Double Door Frost Free Refrigerator

Samsung RT30M3043UT 275 L 3 Star Frost Free Double Door Refrigerator

Samsung 275 Litre frost free refrigerator offers flexibility to store big bottles with best utility design. Ice maker in Samsung double door fridge RT30M3043UT is movable and never run out of ice cubes at huge social parties. 1800 110 011, 1800 3000 8282, 1800 266 8282 are the toll free numbers for Samsung refrigerator double door 275 L for raising any issues related to the product with service executives. Moisture is maintained at required levels in RT30M3043UT Samsung double door refrigerator frost free with moisture fresh zone. Smart inverter feature of Samsung 275 L 3 star refrigerator provides cooling with uninterrupted feature even during power cuts. Perishable dairy products like milk, yogurt will never spoil as Samsung best double door fridge 2018 RT30M3043UT provides separate compartment.

  • Features
  • Specifications

  • Stabilizer in built will handle the power fluctuations.
  • Electricity usage is very less by digital inverter compressor.
  • Frost free feature of Samsung fridge double door will stop the build up of ice.
  • Fresh room for storing diary products.
  • Cooling technology is all round through multiple vents.
  • Best maintenance of moisture for preserving veggies for long period.
  • Slide shelf is very easy to move with 3 star rating for high efficiency.

Name of the Brand Samsung
Shelves Material Glass Toughened
Name of the Model RT30M3043UT
Compressor Used in Samsung Fridge Digital Inverter
Energy Star Rating 3
Storage Volume in Litres 275 L
Defrosting Frost Free
Samsung Refrigerator Type Freezer Top Double Door
Colour Pebble Blue
Warranty Samsung double door refrigerator has 1 year and compressor has 10 years guarantee term.

7. Haier 247 L Frost Free 3 Star Double Door Refrigerator HRF-2674BS-R/E

Haier HRF-2674BS-R,E 247 L Frost Free 3 Star Double Door Refrigerator

Even for ten hours of power outages, Haier HRF-2674BS-R/E fridge double door will remain the same cooling inside refrigerator by Cool Pad. To ensure fresh food Haier double door fridge 247 Litres provides cooling with 360 degree air flow. If you want to purchase best double door refrigerator approximately in the range of Rs 18000, Haier HRF-2674BS-R/E is the good choice. Freshness and nutritional levels of fruits and veggies remains same by Haier refrigerator double door frost free vitamin c filter. You never want your kids to eat junk food during your inpresence, so Haier fridge 247 L 3 star is available with child lock feature. Ice formation in Haier double door frost free refrigerator is very quick by icing technology in 1 hour.

  • Features
  • Specifications

  • Air flow in 360 degree for uniform cooling.
  • After power cuts 10 hours cooling is conserved.
  • Can withstand the fluctuations in voltage without any stabilizer.
  • Operation of Haier fridge double door is hassle free.
  • Filter of Vitamin c for retaining the nutritional levels and greenness of vegetables.
  • Use child lock feature for not opening your Haier refrigerator by your kids.
  • No to worry about the power usage as 35% of energy is saved with energy rating of 3 star.

Brand Haier
Refrigerator Type of Haier Top Freezer Double Door Fridge
Shade Brushline Silver
WarrantyPeriod Compressor of Haier refrigerator double door is available with 10 years guarantee and product will come with domestic warranty of one year.
Haier Defrosting Frost Free
Capacity in Litres 247 Ltr
Type of used Compressor Reciprocatory
Model HRF-2674BS-R/HRF-2674BS-E
Power Efficiency 3 Star Rating
Type of Shelves Glass Toughened Shelfs
Air Flow Type 3 Dimensional

8. Whirlpool NEO DF278 PRM Frost Free Double Door 265 L 3 Star Refrigerator

Whirlpool NEO DF278 PRM Frost Free Double Door 265 L Refrigerator

To provide the cool temperature Whirlpool 265 L frost free double door refrigerator consumes low energy with 6th sense deep freeze technology. Lifetime of Whirlpool refrigerator double door is increased as bacterial growth is reduced by the microblock. Retains the original freshness in Whirlpool double door fridge NEO DF278 PRM 3S by reducing the oxidation. Never to worry about the odour and freshness as Whirlpool NEO DF278 PRM 3S has active deo feature for anti odour action. Whirlpool double door refrigerator price is Rs 22,500 which may decrease further with additional discounts. Your vegetables will be fresh upto 7 days in Whirlpool fridge double door NEO DF278 PRM 3S through vegetable crisper and smaller storage space for lemon, chillies.

  • Features
  • Specifications

  • Cooling is maintained evenly at power outages by 6th sense deep freeze technology.
  • Freshonizer in Whirlpool fridge double door minimize oxidation.
  • Flexi vents provides fresh and cool air for all sections of the refrigerator.
  • Harmful germs are kept away with Whirlpool Microblock.
  • Active deo purifies the air and provides anti odor action.
  • Efficiency in terms of power is very good with ratings of 3.
  • Price of Whirlpool double door fridge is affordable.

Brand Name Whirlpool
Name of the Model NEO DF278 PRM 3S
Storage Capacity 265 L
Type of Fridge Used Double Door Freezer Top
Shelves Type Toughened Glass
Defrosting in Whirlpool Frost Free
Term of Guarantee 1 year for Whirlpool refrigerator and 10 years on Whirlpool compressor is provided by the manufacturer.
Efficiency Rating 3 Star
Compressor Type Reciprocatory Compressor
Colour Illusia Steel

9. Samsung RT42M553ES8/TL 415 L 4 Star Frost-free Double Door Refrigerator

Samsung RT42M553ES8 TL 415 L 4 Star Frost-free Double Door Refrigerator

Both the refrigerator and freezer of Samsung 415 L 4 Star can be used as fridge when required as runs with different fan technology. Cool pack feature of Samsung double door refrigerator RT42M553ES8/TL keeps the temperature cool at failure of power for 12 hours. Deodorizing Filter with natural fibre removes the odor inside Samsung double door fridge 415 Ltr 4 Star. Making of ice is very quick in Samsung refrigerator double door frost free RT42M553ES8/TL which is about 31% fast. Operating or adjusting the controls of Samsung 4 Star 415 L Frost free fridge double door has digital display support. Even repeatedly you open the Samsung best double door refrigerator, diary fresh items remains fresh for long days.

  • Features
  • Specifications

  • 31% fast making of ice in Samsung double door fridge.
  • Quick chill of beverages by faster cooling.
  • Connects automatically with inverter at power shut downs.
  • Door alarm alerts to close Samsung refrigerator double door immediately after your work.
  • Odor will be eliminated by the inbuilt deodorizing filter.
  • Very easy to operate conventional digital display.
  • Easy to convert freezer into fridge as per your requirement.

Name of the Brand Samsung
Used Compressor Digital Inverter
Term for Warranty Ten years compressor, one year domestic warranty on manufacturing defects for Samsung fridge.
Material of Shelves Glass Toughened
Shade Elegant Inox
Rating for Efficiency 4 Star Rating
Model Name RT42M553ES8/TL
Type of Defrosting Freezer Frost Free
Fridge Type Used Top Freezer Samsung Double Door
Capacity in L 415 Litres

10. Whirlpool 292 L 3 Star Double-Door Frost-Free Refrigerator NEO SP305 PRM 3S

Whirlpool 292 L 3 Star Double-Door Frost-Free Refrigerator NEO SP305 PRM 3S

Latest release of Whirlpool refrigerators uses great technologies to provide cooling evenly in which best selling is Whirlpool Neo SP305 PRM 3S. Efficiency of compressor used in Whirlpool fridge double door is increased by capillary insulated technology. You will never experience the shortage of ice as Whirlpool double door refrigerator 292 L makes faster ice. Door racks to store 2 litre bottles is possible in Whirlpool double door fridge 3 star frost free and call 1800 208 1800 toll free for any assistance. Freezer in Whirlpool 292 L Neo SP305 PRM 3S Wine Gloria is large enough and cools the temperature up to -26⁰C. Food you store is hygienic in Whirlpool frost free refrigerator double door for longer periods with airtight gasket.

  • Features
  • Specifications

  • Cooling retention in power failures for up to 12 hrs.
  • Bottles stored in Whirlpool fridge will chill 2 times faster.
  • Anti bacterial gasket for clean food.
  • Compressor will run more efficiently with insulated capillary technology.
  • Big storage space for vegetables by the veggies crisper.
  • 292 Litres capacity with fast ice making behaviour.
  • Keep safe from kids with feature of door lock.

Brand Whirlpool
Volume of Capacity 292 Ltr
Defrosting Type in Whirlpool Frost Free
Name of the Model NEO SP305 PRM 3S
Whirlpool Compressor Reciprocating
Star Energy Rating 3
Colour Wine Dahlia
Warranty Product with one year and compressor with 10 years guarantee.
Used Whirlpool Fridge Type Double Door Top Freezer
Shelves Material Toughened Glass Shelf

How to Install a New Double Door Refrigerator

Hope you are delivered with the new refrigerator double door and want to install in your kitchen for storing the stuff of food. Most of the available double door fridge from topmost brands provides user manual for guiding you to install a new refrigerator. We also help you by providing the simple steps to install the double door refrigerator in no time.

Steps to follow for installing new fridge with double door:

  • Unpack the new refrigerator from the card board box.
  • Remove all the compartment components to prevent from damage while moving.
  • Plastic covering on the doors should be remained as it is.
  • Place it in a hand truck or dolly tilting on one side.
  • Want to carry upstairs, place double door fridge upright to avoid knocking by carefully moving.
  • You can remove the doors by detaching the up and down bolts following the manual if not fit through door.
  • Replace the door of refrigerator after passing through doorway.
  • Measure width, height of place you want to place the double door refrigerator for perfect fit in the measured space.

What Factors to Consider to Buy Best Double Door Fridge 2018

Top 10 Best Double Door Refrigerator Price differs from one brand and other with addition of extra features. To remain top in fridge manufacturing most of the leading brands offers many advanced functions. You may confuse with the terms used in double door fridge, so for your ease we provide the most important factors to purchase a new refrigerator double door. Follow the below tips for buying a best fridge double door model 2018 with added benefits.

Power Efficiency:Refrigerators utilizes less power if the star rating is high thus improving the longevity and performance.

Refrigerator Capacity: Double door refrigerator price varies with the capacity you opt. Select fridge of high storage volume if your are a large family, else go with medium size volume refrigerator based on space in the house.

Different Compressor Types: In order to increase the durability of fridge double door compressor acts as the key element. At present, smart inverter and digital inverter compressors are used in the latest refrigerators double door for improving capability. They adjust uniform cooling even at voltage breakdowns by adjusting the speed of compressors.

CoolPack Function: You never want your food stored in fridge to spoil even at the breakdown of power for hours. So, all the refrigerator brands introduced the coolpad technology characteristic for retaining healthy food for 12 hours.

Type of Design: Top model refrigerator double door 2018 usually available with floral design and the handles are recessed for modern look. Some double door fridge may include display with LED for adjusting the temperature and more.

Customer Care Toll Free Numbers for Refrigerator Double Door

You may arise with some fridge problems at certain point after using for long years. Some technical problems can be resolved by your own by following the manual provided by the company, while other require guidance from service engineers. Every double door refrigerator has helpline number to register a complaint about your issues with the fridge. Below, we are providing each top brand fridge toll free number for your information.

Customer Care Numbers of Best Refrigerator Brands:

  • Samsung Fridge Toll Free Numbers – 1800 266 8282, 1800 3000 8282, 1800 110 011.
  • Haier Refrigerator Helpline Number – 1800-200-9999, 1800-102-9999.
  • LG Double Door Fridge Contact Numbers of Toll Free – 1800 180 9999.
  • Whirlpool Customer Care Number – 1800 208 1800.
  • Godrej Fridge Toll Free No – 1800-2095511.

  • Accessories for Fridge Double Door in India

    For any refrigerator, accessories are required for smooth functioning which require frequent cleaning or replacement when used for years. We are listing the important double door fridge accessories available online with great discount prices. Shop from trending online shopping sites which offers better discounts on refrigerator double door extra supplements. Explore the below list and buy best from the flipkart site, amazon through our checktop10 product site.

    List of Double Door Refrigerators Accessories:

    • Defrost Heater.
    • Fridge Double Door Handle.
    • Filter for Water.
    • Drawers.
    • Shelves.
    • Baskets.
    • Door Trays.
    • Compressor.

    How to Buy Double Door Fridge with Best Features

    As per your living conditions and usage of the refrigerator, features may vary for your well being. Deodorizers, moisture control levels, type of shelfs and compartments used are the key factors for best fridge with double door. Examine the listed features almost available in all the top brands for your comfortable living. Double and Single Door fridges vary in terms of no of compartments for freezer and the fridge.

    Built in Voltage Stabilizer: No need of purchasing the stabilizer to control the power fluctuations as all double door fridges are equipped with inbuilt stabilizers.

    Best Freezer: Purchase refrigerator that can form quick ice in less time to meet all your needs which is possible with quick freezer.

    Type of Shelves: Most of the double door refrigerator 2018 uses toughened glass shelves for withstanding heavy weights.

    Moisture Control: To maintain required level of moisture, fridge with double door comes with moist balance crisper.

    Anti Bacterial Air Tight Gasket: To keep away bacteria from the food air tight removable gasket is used.

    Deodorizing Filters: In order keep fresh air inside fridge with double door has deodorizing filter which provides odor free food.

    Maxx Bottle Racks: You can easily store big bottles in the big racks with high comfort.

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