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Top 10 Haier Fridge in India

View the Haier refrigerator review and compare the specifications of different top fridge models. You can buy Haier fridge online at trending stores through the link provided in our site below each product image. There are large array of best refrigerators 2018 in which you have to choose the one that is involved with latest innovations and suits your needs. Wide range of types in refrigerator Haier are mini fridge, bottom mounted refrigerators, french door, top mounted, side by side, double and single door refrigerators. You must buy top 10 best Haier refrigerator 2018 at minimum cost by checking various recommended online store offers. The major cities in India have the same Haier refrigerator price which vary slightly according to the seller discounts.

Buy Best Haier Refrigerator in India Online

There are countless online selling stores which provide best refrigerator Haier with great discount in cost. Top 10 Haier fridge in India models are listed here for the convenience of the buyer through links with complete review. Samsung fridge, LG refrigerator, Whirlpool and many other top refrigerator brands compete with the best Haier refrigerator 2018 models in the market. Each product reviews for different models like Haier single door fridge, double door, mini are also considered from popular stores. Buyer satisfaction is the ultimate motto in manufacturing the top ten Haier fridges 2018 with many easy technical innovations.

Top 10 Haier Fridge Reviews Online with Price List

Haier India recommended best fridge models are provided below with price list, product brief description, clarity pictures with fast delivery from the seller. Haier mini refrigerator, multiple door, double door fridge can be bought for minimum price online with warranty. Thoroughly read the specifications of each Haier refrigerator model and buy from the stores that are trending.

1. Haier HRF 618 SS 565 Ltrs Frost-free Side-by-Side Refrigerator

Haier HRF 618SS 565 Ltrs Frost-free Side-by-Side Refrigerator

Haier side by side refrigerator 565 L utilizes 0.98 units per day to reduce the electricity bills of the consumer. Best value for your money as Haier fridge HRF 618SS is available for a price of 52,000 with high features. The capacity of Haier refrigerator 565 ltr frost free side by side will not effect the space of the modular kitchen as it is slim and fits everywhere. Arrangement of food will be easy as Haier HRF 618 SS side by side fridge has best freezer to refrigerator ratio.

Food stored in refrigerator Haier SBS is fresh with excellent cool and freeze function, best chiller compartments and vegetable drawers. As per the variations in ambient, internal temperatures, values are adjusted automatically by Haier side by side refrigerator fuzzy logic function. Food inside the Haier fridge side by side 565 ltrs will be odor free and fresh when you went for a vacation by selecting function of holiday.

  • Features
  • Specifications

  • LED control for setting temperatures with one touch.
  • Removing of fruit and veg basket will be easy with the 90 degree contour door.
  • Electricity usage is poor as Haier refrigerator side by side will utilize less than 1 unit.
  • Fuzzy logic alters the temperature settings as per the variations.
  • Shelves are foldable in Haier SBS refrigerator and delivers new look to the present day kitchen.
  • Activate the holiday function to safe the food in the fridge compartment.
  • 565 Litres of capacity is large enough for big families.

Brand Haier
Model Name HRF-618SS
Storage Capacity in Ltrs 565 L
Model of Refrigerator Side by Side
Compressor Technology Reciprocatory
Type of Defrosting Frost Free
Warranty Period Compressor used in Haier SBS fridge has warranty for 10 years and the product will have one year guarantee.
Energy Star Ratings NA
Total No of Doors 2
Colour Grey
Material Used for Shelfs Material T. Glass
Control of Temperature Digital Control

2. Haier HRF-2904BS-R/E 270 L 3 Star Frost-Free Double Door Refrigerator

Haier HRF-2904BS-R E 270 L 3 Star Frost-Free Double Door Refrigerator

The nutritional value of food stored in Haier double door refrigerator HRF-2904BS-R will never reduce for providing a healthy life through vitamin c filter. Communicate through Haier refrigerator customer care numbers like 1800-102-9999 and 1800-200-9999 for further details with repair engineers. Air flow will be in 360 degrees system for overall cooling to pump at every corner of Haier fridge 270 litres brushline silver. Never worry when your refrigerator Haier is powerless as the available coolpad keeps chill inside for a duration of 10 hours. You need ice cubes in less than one minute for the gatherings you arrange at your home is viable by the Haier refrigerator double door HRF-2904BS-E one hour icing technology. Feet available that is both front and rear below the fridge Haier are adjustable with a efficiency of 3 stars.

  • Features
  • Specifications

  • HRF-2904BS-R/E Haier refrigerator price in different stores is nearly 20000.
  • For long times items will be fresh with the humidity controller and fresh technology.
  • More efficient in terms of energy and uses less electricity.
  • Maintains cooling for ten hours with the coolpad technology at time of no power.
  • Acts as a safeguard for voltage disturbances and short circuits.
  • Freezer temperature will be down to -5 degree in less than hour for rapid ice.

Brand Name Haier
Power Efficiency 3 Star Ratings
Shade Brushline Silver
Model HRF-2904BS-R/E
Type of Air Flow 3 Dimensional
Defrosting System Frost Free
Capacity in Litres 270 Litres
Material of Handle ABS/ Plastic
Refrigerator Type Top Freezer Double Door
Shelves Material Glass Toughened
Term of Warranty Enjoy 10 years term period for compressor and the Haier fridge has 1 year warranty.
Compressor Reciprocatory Compressor

3. Haier 181 L HRD-1813SR-R/E Direct Cool Single Door Refrigerator

Haier 181 L HRD-1813SR-R E Direct Cool Single Door Refrigerator

Type of gas used in Haier fridge single door is R-600a that provides great cooling with less noise operation. Technical Haier team will support you regarding the cooling and electrical faults by providing warranty on product for 1 year and the compressor with 4 years. Haier refrigerator HRD-1813SR-R/E single door freezer inner edge will be in diamond shape for not melting the ice. Looks of Haier single door refrigerator 181 L are sleek and stylish that attracts the buyers without any thought. Keep away the junk food from your children by locking the refrigerator Haier 181 ltr direct cool with PCM door finish. Adjust the temperature with the manual knob option available with Haier single door fridge HRD-1813SR-R/E. Removal of fungi and bacteria is possible with Haier direct cool 181 L fridge anti fungi gasket which is very easy to clean.

  • Features
  • Specifications

  • Eco-friendly R-600a gas for low noise and super cooling.
  • Lock best Haier fridge to protect high calories food from the infants.
  • Inbuilt stabilizer is enough to protect the compressor from fluctuations.
  • Freezer Technology is diamond edge for retaining ice cubes at power disruption.
  • Removable anti fungal gasket to stop build up of bacteria and fungi.
  • Easily maintain the Haier single door refrigerator compressor as it is standard type.

Name of the Brand Haier
Shelves Types Wired Shelves
System for Defrost Direct Cool
Guarantee Period Manufacturer offers fours years and 1 year warranty for Haier 181 L refrigerator compressor and total product.
Name of the Model HRD-1813SR-R/E Type of Compressor Reciprocatory Power Ratings 3 Star Kind of Fridge Freezer Top Single Door Volume for Storage 181 L Colour Burgundy Red Air Flow Type Direct Cool Material of Body Leather Finish Cabinet

4. Haier HRF-3304BS-R/E 310 L Frost Free Double Door Refrigerator

Haier HRF-3304BS-R E 310 L Frost Free Double Door Refrigerator

The store in which Haier 310 L HRF-3304BS-R/E double door refrigerator will obtain is Flipkart that offers 9 year compressor warranty. No additional burden is made on the Haier refrigerator double door compressor for keeping same level of cooling in all compartments. Really fast ice cubes are provided by HRF-3304BS-R/E Haier double door refrigerator frost free with good icing technology. Haier India provides helpline number for the customers to register a complaint or request for service by dialing 1800-200-9999 customer no. Best matches for the giant sized families as Haier fridge india has 310 litres storage space for all the stuff of food. Can perform without the need of stabilizer and Haier refrigerator price is nearly 23,000 with incompatible offers and EMI options.

  • Features
  • Specifications

  • Defrosting of freezer need not be done manually as Haier 310 ltr is frost free.
  • Ice cubes making is really fast in this double door fridge.
  • 360 degree of air flow will deliver best cooling in all parts of the refrigerator.
  • Capacity for storing food in Haier double door refrigerator is 310 L.
  • Alternation of voltages can be withstand with the integrated stabilizer.
  • Compressor of Haier India refrigerator will have 9 years comprehensive warranty.

Brand Haier
Storage Volume 310 Litres
Doors Available 2
Fridge Type Top Freezer Double Door
Shelves Material Toughened Glass
Shade Brushline Silver
Type of Defrosting Frost Free
Stabilizer Inbuilt Yes
Model Name HRF-3304BS-R/E
Compressor Type Standard Reciprocatory Compressor
Period for Warranty Manufacturer of Haier fridge will provide warranty of nine years and one year on compressor and the model.
Star Ratings 3

5. Haier 181 L Direct Cool HRD-1813BMS-R/E Single Door Refrigerator

Haier 181 L Direct Cool HRD-1813BMS-R E Single Door Refrigerator

The best single door refrigerator Haier price is under 10000 with moon silver colour that attracts the buyers with its good looks. You can save a lot of money with less power bills as Haier fridge HRD-1813BMS-R/E has 3 star BEE ratings with utilization of 210 units per year. Extreme flexibility is provided by Haier 181 L direct cool refrigerator by providing great storage area for the food items. High end utilities are provided by Haier refrigerator moon silver 181 ltr by the special crisper, bottle racks and chiller tray. The freezer inner edges of HRD-1813BMS-R/E Haier single door refrigerator is made of diamond shapes so that ice cubes will melt very slowly during no power. Never require any extra stabilizer for the fluctuation changes as on its own Haier single door fridge will withstand the variations from 135 volts to 290 volts.

  • Features
  • Specifications

  • Technology Used in Haier 181 L refrigerator is diamond edge for never melting of the stored ice.
  • Provides high end utilities with the small budget.
  • Low units of power is used per year for saving the bills of power.
  • Best budget friendly price with capacity of 181 Litres.
  • Insulation used is PUF type with R600A cooling refrigerant which is eco friendly.
  • Adjust the temperatures directly with the manual knob.

Brand Name Haier
Type of Compressor Reciprocatory
Name of the Model HRD-1813BMS-R/E
Ratings of Energy Consumption 3 Stars
Colour Moon Silver
Warranty Term You will receive domestic compressor warranty for four years and the product for 1 year.
Volume for Storage in Ltr 181 L Used Technology Diamond Edge Freezer Technology Kind of Haier Refrigerator Single Door Top Freezer Defrost System Direct Cool Body Material Leather Finish Cabinet Shelves Type Glass Transparent Toughened

6. Haier HRD-1813BRO-R/E 181 L Direct Cool Single Door Refrigerator

Haier HRD-1813BRO-R E 181 L Direct Cool Single Door Refrigerator

Do you want to buy best Haier refrigerator 181 litres at least price with top end components ? Buy this HRD-1813BRO-R/E model with 11,000 price with some offers from the bank. 120 kgs of weight is supported by the 181 L Haier single door refrigerator glass shelves for your satisfaction to store more food. You are provided with a easy facility of removing the Haier fridge HRD-1813BRO-R/E direct cool 181 litres door gasket which prevents the entry of bacteria and fungi. DEFT that is diamond edge freezer technology used in bset Haier India refrigerator has the facility of preserving the ice cubes at condition of no electricity. Over eating of food by the kids can be limited by locking the door of Haier single door fridge 181 ltr.

  • Features
  • Specifications

  • If you want top 10 fridge that is suitable for couples then buy this 181 litres capacity refrigerator.
  • Compressor will be highly efficient through stabilizer free running.
  • High level of cooling with less power usage by the R-600a gas.
  • Gasket with anti fungal feature for providing rich healthy food.
  • Design in the front of Haier single door refrigerator is modern with attractive looks.
  • Ice stored in freezer will never melt through DEFT technology.

Name of the Brand Haier
Refrigerator Kind Freezer Top Single Door
Material of Body Leather Finish Cabinet
Technology Used Diamond Edge Freezer
Compressor Type Reciprocatory
Type of Defrost Direct Cool
Material of Shelves Toughened Glass
Capacity for Storage 181 Litres
Model HRD-1813BRO-R/E
Term of Warranty Manufacturer offers 1 year on product and 4 years on the compressor
Shade Red Ornate
Energy Efficiency 3 Star Ratings

7. Haier 347 L HRF-3674BS-R/E Frost Free Double Door Refrigerator

Haier 347 L HRF-3674BS-R E Frost Free Double Door Refrigerator

Haier frost free double door refrigerator is one of the best stable uniform cooling fridge with 347 litres capacity. Compressor used in Haier refrigerator HRF-3674BS-R/E 347 litres works normally for variations of power with less service care. No additional burden is made on the Haier double door fridge frost free compressor as cool air flow will be in 360° angle for unvaried cooling. Do you require cubes of ice in less than 1 hour, it is possible as Haier fridge 347 ltr HRF-3674BS-R/E temperature will be down to -5° C for fast ice making. Company or the manufacturer of best refrigerator Haier in India will offer warranty for 9 years, domestic warranty of 1 year for inbuilt compressor and fridge Haier. On purchase of best Haier 347 L double door refrigerator, user is provided with the manual for complete product details with a door lock possibility.

  • Features
  • Specifications

  • Production of ice cubes in Haier fridge is really quick with less freezer temperature.
  • Maximum running condition of compressor without hassles with equal air in every corner.
  • Haier refrigerator price is very effective of around 25000.
  • Storage space is very good by 347 litres capacity.
  • At the time of high fluctuations, refrigerator Haier works very stably.
  • Saving of energy is quite high with the 3 star Haier 347 L fridge ratings.

Brand Haier
Model Name HRF-3674BS-R/E
Colour Brushline Silver
Storage Capacity 347 Ltr
Warranty Term 9 year compressor warranty and one year for Haier top 10 refrigerators.
Kind of Refrigerator Double Door Top Freezer Efficiency for Energy 3 Defrost Type Frost Free Shelves Material Transparent Glass Compressor Tecnology Reciprocatory Compressor

8. Haier HRF-3554BS-R/E 335 L Frost Free Double Door Refrigerator

Haier HRF-3554BS-R E 335 L Frost Free Double Door Refrigerator

Dial Haier fridge toll free hotline numbers 1800-200-9999, 1800-102-9999 for product and service corresponding questions. The different levels of Haier HRF-3554BS-R/E refrigerator is cooled evenly without any extra pressure on compressor. Your stored food will be tasty for long hours with the Haier double door refrigerator 3 star 335 L innovative technologies. If frequent low and high voltages occur, Haier refrigerator 335 ltr can withstand them without any other stabilizer. Special offers, various EMI options are provided by top store Flipkart for HRF-3554BS-R/E Haier double door fridge price to be least. Ice build up is never seen in best Haier fridge freezer compartment as frost free feature defrost ice in regular intervals.

  • Features
  • Specifications

  • Haier is the best refrigerator in India in operating without a stabilizer.
  • Long run of the top 10 Haier fridge is possible with its best features.
  • Flow of cool air is uniform throughout the refrigerator Haier.
  • Technology used for making ice is good so that you never run out of the ice cubes.
  • Volume of capacity is 335 litres for storing the food items.
  • For defective materials warranty is provided for 1 year form purchase date.

Brand Name Haier
Defrost System Frost Free
Material for Shelves Toughened Glass Transparent
Energy Ratings 3 Star
Tecnology Used for Compressor Reciprocatory
Name of the Model HRF-3554BS-R/E
Refrigerator Type Top Freezer Double Door
Shade Brushline Silver
Term Period From the date of Haier double door refrigerator purchase, you will get comprehensive guarantee for 1 year, nine years on the product and compressor.
Capacity in Litres 335 L

9. Haier 190 L HRD-1903BR- R/E Direct Cool Single Door Refrigerator

Haier 190 L HRD-1903BR- R E Direct Cool Single Door Refrigerator

Usually Amazon provides best cut down in Haier refrigerator price with additional discounts at festival seasons and at big deal days. 190 L volume of Haier HRD-1903BR- R/E capacity is suitable for family consisting of 2 members. Energy efficiency is too good which lessens your electricity bills by the star rating of 3 in Haier fridge. One of the best selling Haier single door refrigerator HRD-1903BR- R/E is usually obtainable for price of 10000 Rs. Warranty card along with the key is provided for the customer who bought Haier single door fridge 190 ltr direct cool. Replacement is available for the buyers who bought Haier 190 L single door fridge in Amazon or the best Flipkart online store. Works very normally even in the situations of power fluctuations, so best refrigerator Haier has long life without any breakdowns.

  • Features
  • Specifications

  • Less power use and is very economical.
  • Runs smoothly with the inbuilt stabilizer that handles voltage fluctuations.
  • Haier HRD-1903BR- R/E is a single door refrigerator with door key.
  • Reciprocatory type of compressor for easy and normal working.
  • Couples require small storage capacity which is offered by Haier 190 L refrigerator.
  • Very strong shelves made of transparent toughened glass.

Name of the Brand Haier
Colour Burgundy Red
Storage Capacity in Ltr 190 Litres
System for Defrost Direct Cool
Period of Guarantee Domestic warranty for both product and compressor is offered for 1 and 9 years respectively.
Compressor Reciprocatory Type of Fridge Freezer Top Single Door Ratings of Power Usage 3 Star Ratings Model HRD-1903BR- R/E Shelves Type Glass Toughened

10. Haier 195 L Direct Cool HRD-1954CRD-R/E Single Door Refrigerator

Haier 195 L Direct Cool HRD-1954CRD-R Single Door Refrigerator

Design of Haier fridge HRD-1954CRD-R/E 195 litres is unique with the door made of European curve and uni glass finish. You can control the level of moisture in Haier single door fridge 4 star direct cool through the knob provided inside the refrigerator. 24 hours service is provided to the customers of best Haier refrigerator 195 L by dialing the customer service number 1800 200 9999. You never be worried about running of HRD-1954CRD-R/E Haier single door refrigerator 195 ltr continuously as 4 star rating provides less bill. Another important feature of Haier 195 L 4 Star direct cool fridge is door inner side has rubber and magnet gasket. Bottles racks are large and the clyclopentane insulation of top 10 Haier refrigerators 2018 in India provides better cooling without any loss from other side.

  • Features
  • Specifications

  • Interior light used in the fridge Haier provides enough lighting.
  • 135 volts to 290 volts variations can be handled easily by the Haier single door refrigerator.
  • Rubber with magnet is the type of gasket used in this top selling refrigerator.
  • Exterior design is awesome with leather cabinet material used for the body.
  • Power guide of rating 4 star is very true which saves more money.
  • Environmental friendly refrigerant gas of R600A is utilized for protecting ozone layer.

Brand Haier
Power Ratings 4 Star
Model Name HRD-1954CRD-R/E
Fridge Kind Top Freezer Single Door
Shade Red Daisy
Type of Shelves T Glass
Capacity for Storage 195 L
Compressor Type Reciprocatory Compressor
Design European Curve Door
Guarantee Period End user can enjoy total 10 years of warranty which includes compressor for 9 years and 1 year for product
Defrosting Method Direct Cool

Latest Haier Refrigerator Models Online in India

Every one wants chilled water at hot summer and want food, fruits, vegetables stay fresh for long time which is possible with best Haier refrigerator in India. More no of choices are available in Haier fridge which can be selected based on your need from the shopping sites you like most. Every top 10 refrigerator Haier has various models with different colours, capacities in the Indian market. Now different cooling technologies with more features are available for each refrigerator Haier models online at Amazon store. Check the below list of Haier India refrigerators as per the capacity, star rating, technology for cooling and various types.

Different Models of Haier Fridges:

Cooling Technologies:Two type of cooling methods for defrosting the ice are available for fridge Haier. One is No frost feature which defrost the ice build up and other is direct cooling where you have to manually defrost the formation of ice.

Different Capacities:Some require less capacity refrigerators and some choose for high capacity fridge as per demand. You can buy below 180 litres refrigerators if your are a couple and opt from 180 litres to above 600 litres as per the family size.

Ratings for Power:If you want best refrigerator that saves your bill then go for Haier fridge 2018 model that has high star ratings. Usually ratings will be from 2 star to 5 star as per the power guide.

Haier fridge types:Buy Haier mini refrigerator if you are a bachelor and opt for french door & side by side, top mount frost free and bottom mounted from different models.

Haier Fridge Specifications and Price List in India

Do you want to know the Haier refrigerator price along with the complete specs of each model find it here. As per your search you can find different Haier fridge styles, price and specs for better running for many years. You have to consider the freezing capacity, lighting, door lock, compartments, control system, door finish and more. Cost in which refrigerator Haier available is very less which differs from model to model. Have a keen look on the mentioned Haier India refrigerator specs. Starting price in which best fridge Haier 2018 available is from Rs 6000 and can be more than the 1 lakh as per the type. Whirlpool fridge price is little more than the Haier fridge price.

Haier Refrigerator Specifications to Consider While Purchasing Online:

  • Total Net Refrigerator Capacity.
  • Freezer and Defrost Type.
  • Material for Shelves.
  • Crispers for Vegetables and Fruits.
  • System for Antibacteria.
  • Finish of Door.
  • Power Efficiency.
  • Other more advanced usage of technology.

What are the Important Elements of Refrigerator Haier to Consider for Purchasing Online

Buying a fridge considering all the aspects provided below is important for increasing the life time of refrigerator. You may feel little confused with all the new terms used in Haier refrigerator specifications which is explained clearly below. More features are available for fridge Haier than LG fridge with budget friendly cost. Latest Haier fridge models uses many advanced features with improved technical considerations.

Options to Control:You have to look for additional control options for even running and better usage of the Haier fridge. The options you must look for is child lock, control of temperatures, freezer compartment adjustment of cool air.

Type of Doors:Haier refrigerator is available with different door types such as single, double, multi door, etc. As per the space and measurements in the room, best Haier India fridge model must be bought online.

Cool Pad:At power outages cooling will never degrade in top 10 refrigerator Haier as the technology of Cool Pad maintains the cooling.

System Used for Defrosting:Choose either frost free or direct cool as per the need and available capital to buy new refrigerator in India.

Haier Refrigerator Customer Care Numbers

Know the warranty policy details, Haier fridge 2018 total information and more from the service executives. Complete assistance is provided through the Haier refrigerator toll free number for solving the issues of best fridge Haier. Present the Model number of best fridge Haier, purchase date and more details to the engineers to sort out the issues. Get excellent service and support by dialing the Hotline numbers presented below for satisfying the customers.

Haier Fridge Toll Free Hotline Numbers: 1800 102 9999, 1800 200 9999.

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