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Top 10 Hitachi Refrigerators

Latest and upcoming best Hitachi refrigerator models, specifications and features are listed with their lowest online prices. Different designs of Hitachi fridge includes 3 door refrigerators, big french series, super big2 series, slim line, side by side fridge. Hitachi refrigerator price provided here is least from leading stores online with addition of more concessions. Competition between Samsung fridge, LG refrigerator and Whirlpool fridge with Hitachi India refrigerator is heavy in terms of features. Manufacture of Hitachi refrigerator India 2018 uses more advances of scientific for not loosing the vitamins of food items. Effective running of Hitachi fridge possible because they are integrated with great compressors and effective insulation systems. Stored food in Hitachi best refrigerator will never loose the taste and texture by optimum condition.

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Best Hitachi Refrigerator in India to Buy Online

Buy best fridge Hitachi at low price online by reading the reviews of each models. Read Hitachi India refrigerator product specifications, user ratings and reviews along with key features from all major shopping sites. List provided below about Hitachi fridge 2018 includes both affordable and premium products from range of 10000 to 3 lakhs. Our checktop10 site prepares the best list of Hitachi refrigerators present in many stores with a link to buy online without charging a extra money. Online Hitachi fridge prices vary somewhat as per the major city and store with trending deals and offers. All the Hitachi fridge models like three door refrigerators, bottom mount fridge, double door fridge and single door refrigerators are available below.

Top 10 Hitachi Fridge Models Reviews 2018

Want to purchase premium or least range fridge in India? Check complete Hitachi refrigerator reviews with clear images for product idea. All the technological factors like cooling conditions, compressor, intelligent features with advantages are explained in Hitachi fridge details. Contribution towards environment is more by Hitachi India Refrigerator 2018 with cost efficiency functions. Top 10 Hitachi refrigerators in India list with price are provided by our experts on extensive research.

1. Hitachi 456 L R-WB480PND2 Frost Free French Door Bottom Mount Refrigerator

Hitachi 456 L R-WB480PND2 Frost Free French Door Bottom Mount Refrigerator

You can organize easily the items you want to store in Hitachi fridge 456 L french door freezer section as it has double decks. More visible LED light saves energy with less consumption in Hitachi refrigerator R-WB480PND2 which lasts long. Cooling is even in all levels of best refrigerator Hitachi 2018 multi door as dual fan technology is used by inverter compressor. You have different modes of option through special compartment with selectable temperature modes for storing meat, fruits. Doors of top 10 Hitachi R-WB480PND2 french door refrigerator are wide and big for holding large bottles. You can move ice twist tray easily inside the Hitachi 456 ltr bottom mount refrigerator as per convenience for more space. 1860 258 4848 is Hitachi fridge toll free number for providing service support to customers for long term relation.

  • Features
  • Specifications

  • Gasket used is mold proof and very easy to clean.
  • Control operations and settings with touchscreen controller.
  • Manage space with Hitachi refrigerator movable twist ice tray.
  • You can adjust the meat/ dairy and vegetable modes for longer freshness.
  • Easy navigation with double deck freezer compartment.
  • Large enough with jumbo doors on both sides.
  • Hitachi fridge inverter compressor offers all round cooling.

Brand Hitachi
Compressor Technology Inverter Compressor
Type of Gasket Moldproof Door Gasket
Defrost System Frost Free
Refrigerant Cooling R – 600a
Name of the Model R-WB480PND2
Storage Capacity 456 Litres
Fridge Type of Hitachi Bottom Mount French Door
Shade Black
Shelves Material Toughened Glass
Efficiency of Energy Inverter Technology
Guarantee Term Hitachi India fridge compressor and overall product has 5 and 1 years warranty.
Total No of Doors 3
Type of Refrigerant Bottom Freezer
Kind of Display Blue Digital Display

2. Hitachi R-VG400PND3 382 L Frost Free Double Door Refrigerator

Hitachi R-VG400PND3 382 L Frost Free Double Door Refrigerator

Your Hitachi double door refrigerator 382 L will never have odor and dangerous bacteria as nano titanium filter eliminates them. Cold air circulation in Hitachi fridge R-VG400PND3 freezer and refrigerator compartment is independent with dual fan technology. Glass shelves used in frost free 382 L Hitachi refrigerator India are tempered and resistant to heat, scratch. Best refrigerator Hitachi R-VG400PND3 double door fridge can hold 2 L water bottles through wide jumbo compartments. Never effects the global warming as R600a gas delivered from Hitachi 382 ltr frost free fridge is CFC free. Get extra discounts to the normal Hitachi refrigerator price on specific occasions in trending stores. Automatic defrosting of ice is possible with Hitachi double door fridge R-VG400PND3 as it has frost free feature. Operation is more energy efficient in Hitachi 382 L frost free double door refrigerator with Eco Thermo sensor.

  • Features
  • Specifications

  • Air is odor free and elimination of small bacteria is possible with filter of nano titanium.
  • 100 kg weight is possible to hold by Hitachi fridge tempered glass.
  • Chloro fluorocarbon free environment possible with refrigerant R600a gas.
  • For efficient usage of space for storage move conveniently the ice tray.
  • Consumption of energy is less than normal lamps by LED lights.
  • Adjust the temperature of both compartments independently for systematic cooling.

Name of the Brand Hitachi
Model Name R-VG400PND3
Energy Star Ratings 2 Star
Door Lock Yes
Material for Shelves Toughened Transparent Glass
Type of Compressor Inverter
No of Doors 2
Guarantee Term Authorized engineers offers free installation and provides warranty for 10 years for compressor and one year on the product.
Defrosting Type Frost Free
Capacity for Storage 382 L
Inbuilt Stabilizer Yes
Hitachi Refrigerator Kind Top Freezer Double Door
Colour Glass Black
Gasket Type Door Gasket with Mold proof

3. Hitachi R-H350PND4K 318 L Frost Free Double Door Refrigerator

Hitachi R-H350PND4K 318 L Double Door Refrigerator

With ratings of 3 Hitachi double door fridge 318 ltr conserves more energy up to 35% of electricity bills. Contact Hitachi service customer care number for enquiry about the model details through 1860-258-4848 numbers. Compartments of Hitachi refrigerator 318 L is convertible for your benefit with a dial to control the temperature. In case of variations in the voltages Hitachi R-H350PND4K fridge works more efficiently without the need of extra stabilizer. Warranty varies for different Hitachi fridge models and 318 ltr R-H350PND4K has comprehensive 1 year with 9 years compressor warranty. Inverter control operation of Hitachi double door refrigerator frost free 318 litres improves the performance with great efficiency. 41000 price of best refrigerator Hitachi is reasonable as it is inbuilt with excellent features. Families with 5 members can buy top 10 Hitachi fridge R-H350PND4K model as the capacity is 318 litres.

  • Features
  • Specifications

  • Usage of low electricity with digital inverter type of compressor.
  • More convenience is possible with convertible compartments.
  • Hitachi refrigerator India is available with lock facility.
  • Even in dark you can clearly watch items inside the fridge with LED light.
  • Shelves of best Hitachi fridge are very strong with glass material.
  • Bacteria never penetrates into refrigerator because of gasket that is mold proof.

Brand Name Hitachi
Volume in Litres 318 ltr
Refrigerator Type Freezer Top Double Door
Term for Warranty Compressor of best Hitachi fridge has 9 and total product has 1 year guarantee period.
Gasket Kind MouldProof Door Gasket
Type of Air Flow Air Jet Flow
Technology Used for Compressor Digital Inverter
Shade Inox
Model R-H350PND4K
Type of Defrost Frost Free
Power Efficiency 3 Star
Shelves Type T.Glass

4. Hitachi 565 L R-VG610PND3 Frost Free Double Door Refrigerator

Hitachi 565 L R-VG610PND3 Double Door Refrigerator

Storage space for fruits and vegetables is more in Hitachi 565 L R-VG610PND3 fridge through double deck compartment with optimum level of moisture. Your Hitachi best refrigerator in India is independent from odor and bacteria free with titanium nano filter. Just wipe the temperature glass surface for cleaning of Hitachi fridge double door R-VG610PND3 and by touch control the settings. Pockets are adjustable as per the height of items stored in Hitachi double door refrigerator 565 ltr frost free. LED lighting is available in both sections of Hitachi India fridge R-VG610PND3 565 L which is more brighter for long lasting energy. Effective and quick circulation of cold air by dual fan cooling in freezer, fridge compartments of Hitachi refrigerator 565 litres. Capacity of 565 ltr top 10 best refrigerator Hitachi is more suitable for large families with a members of more than five.

  • Features
  • Specifications

  • Inverter compressor compartively consumes of low electricity than other types.
  • More quantities of food and drinks are possible to store in Hitachi fridge with more ease.
  • Moisture guard is available for huge vegetable compartment.
  • Each side of Hitachi double door refrigerator temperatures are easily adjustable.
  • Accommodates large bottles in adjustable pockets according to stored items.
  • Control of temperatures through glass panel flat touchscreen.

Brand Hitachi
Type of Shelves Transparent Toughened Glass
Colour Glass Grey
Defrosting System Frost Free
Volume of Capacity 565 Ltr
Efficiency of Power 3 Star Ratings
Fridge Type Double Door Top Freezer
Name of the Model R-VG610PND3
Air Flow Direction Front Air Flow
Warranty Period Manufacturer provides 10 and 1 years comprehensive warranty for Hitachi double door fridge 565 L.
Compressor Technology Inverter
Type of Used Gasket Door Moldproof Gasket

5. Hitachi 451 L Frost Free Double Door Refrigerator R-VG470PND3

Hitachi R-VG470PND3 451 L Refrigerator

Hitachi refrigerator price in India is approximately 48000 with a facility of 1 year warranty period. For an intelligent cooling power Hitachi 451 L double door fridge has inbuilt compressor with Inverter technology. Spills in Hitachi R-VG470PND3 refrigerator are prevented by glass shelves which has a feature of scratch proof body. Release of harmful gases like chloro flouro carbon is not possible by Hitachi fridge 451 ltr R-VG470PND3 as R600a is CFC free refrigerant gas. Call Hitachi service executives through 18602584848 customer care number for assistance about the installation and more details of model. Additional benefit by purchasing Hitachi double door refrigerator is differences of power fluctuations is handled smoothly without stabilizer. Easily remove Hitachi India fridge models gasket and clean for bacteria free food stuff.

  • Features
  • Specifications

  • Adjust the twist ice tray as per the need of space inside fridge Hitachi.
  • Heavy weight food items are hold perfectly by glass toughened shelfs.
  • Optimal level of cooling is made by Eco sensor.
  • Nearly 48,000 Rs is Hitachi refrigerator price.
  • Power saving guide for saving electricity with 2 star ratings.
  • Attracts with glass black color and has 451 L storage volume.

Name of the Brand Hitachi
Gasket Mold proof
Period of Guarantee From purchase date you will get 10 years compressor warranty term with additional 1 year domestic product warranty.
Type of Hitachi India refrigerator Double Door Freezer Top
Shelves Material T. Glass
Compressor Type Inverter Compressor
Capacity of Storage 451 L
Ratings of Energy 2 Star
Shade Glass Black
Model Name R-VG470PND3
System for Defrosting Frost Free

6. Hitachi R-SG37BPND 390 L Frost Free Triple Door Refrigerator

Hitachi R-SG37BPND 390 L Triple Door Refrigerator

Buy Hitachi 3 door refrigerator if your planning for new multi door fridge with better convenience features. Diagnosis of temperature changes is possible with Eco thermo sensor so that you can alter the temperatures according to it. Control technology by inverter conserves money and power in Hitachi R-SG37BPND 390 L triple door refrigerator. Great performance features in Hitachi refrigerator 3 door 390 ltr includes moisture cooling at high level and jet flow air type. In Hitachi triple door fridge R-SG37BPND you can store more stuff of food items as it can withstand a volume of 390 litres. Beverages stored in frost free Hitachi multi door refrigerator are very chill so that you can tolerate hot summer with more cooling. Bottom freezer compartment model is different from normal Hitachi R-SG37BPND 390 ltr 3 door refrigerators.

  • Features
  • Specifications

  • CFC and HFC free 3 door fridge with nano filters for not entering fungi.
  • Ice build up in freezer part never occurs as R-SG37BPND refrigerator is frost free.
  • Good bottom freezer triple door fridge with Inverter technology.
  • Inbuilt alarm to intimate about chill leaking.
  • Shelf used in Hitachi 3 door refrigerator are flexible in 3 ways.
  • Vast families of 5 and more members can buy 390 L Hitachi fridge 3 door.

Brand Name Hitachi
Defrost Method Frost Free
Colour Glass Black
Energy Ratings 4 Stars
Model R-SG37BPND
Kind of Compressor Inverter
Storage Capacity in Ltr 390 Ltr
Type of Gasket Moldproof Gasket
Material Used for Shelves Glass Toughened
Type of Hitachi fridge Triple Door Bottom Freezer
Guarantee Term 3 door Hitachi fridge India has one year warranty and comprehensive 1 year towards compressor.

7. Hitachi 638 L R-W720FPND1X Frost Free Side by Side Refrigerator

Hitachi 638 L R-W720FPND1X Side by Side Refrigerator

Wave line type of handle in Hitachi 638 L side by side refrigerator makes to open the door easily and provides great looks. Freezing of fish or meat is quick with Hitachi R-W720FPND1X frost free fridge as cold air is released by freezing mode. Hassle free adjustments of temperature is possible in Hitachi refrigerator frost free 638 litres R-W720FPND1X one touch LED control panel. Deluxe series Hitachi side by side fridge is strong enough and very sleek with a price of 1,04,000. Facility of water dispenser makes best refrigerator Hitachi 2018 a deluxe model and has 4 number of doors. Compartment provided for storing vegetables in Hitachi R-W720FPND1X side by side multi door refrigerator 638 ltrs is big with moisture retention. Constantly inside air is deodorized by nano titanium filter of Hitachi fridge 638 L side by side and not enters the bacteria.

  • Features
  • Specifications

  • Hitachi R-W720FPND1X is sleek with deluxe features and powerful performance.
  • Very large storage capacity with 638 litres volume.
  • Control panel with LED touch above the handle of door.
  • Flavor and nutrients of food will never loose in Hitachi side by side refrigerator.
  • Best Inverter compressor used with Hitachi fridge is more efficient than normal type of compressors.
  • Water dispenser adds more advantage to R-W720FPND1X multi door refrigerator.

Brand Hitachi
Term of Guarantee Hitachi offers compressor with 10 years and total product with 1 year warranty.
Gasket Door Mold proof Gasket
Method for Defrosting Frost Free
Kind of fridge Top Freezer Side by Side
Shelves Type Toughened Glass
Shade Glass Black
Capacity in Litres 638 L
Name of the Model R-W720FPND1X
Power Efficiency Inverter
Total Doors 4
Compressor Technology Inverter Compressor

8. Hitachi R-W660PND3 586 L Frost Free Side by Side Refrigerator

Hitachi R-W660PND3 586 L Side by Side Refrigerator

Under the price range of 92000, Hitachi 586 L R-W660PND3 side by side refrigerator is good model from Hitachi company. You will never worry about the storage space as Hitachi fridge 586 ltr is large enough for the beverages, containers, vegetables & frozen desserts. Cooling in both the compartments is maintained constantly inside Hitachi R-W660PND3 586 L refrigerator by separate fan technology. Get cold water without opening Hitachi refrigerator 586 litres door as water dispenser supplies the required amount of water. If any defective parts exists with Hitachi side by side refrigerator R-W660PND3, replacement is possible within warranty term. Cooling lasts for long time and quick freezing feature makes ice fast in Hitachi 586 ltr multi door refrigerator. Works more effectively with life span increase as Hitachi R-W660PND3 586 L side by side refrigerator runs with Inverter type of compressor.

  • Features
  • Specifications

  • Every household can easily operate Hitachi side by side fridge with touch control panel.
  • Performs very well with long cool keeper.
  • Hitachi India refrigerator can work without the need of stabilizer for voltages of 130 to 300 volts.
  • Very sturdy transparent glass shelves to hold massive weights.
  • Storage space is good as Hitachi fridge has capacity volume of 586 litres.
  • Harmful germs never enter into R-W660PND3 side by side refrigerator with air tight gasket that is mold proof.

Name of the Brand Hitachi
Model Name R-W660PND3
Technology Used for Compressor Inverter Type
Colour Black Glass
Water Dispenser Yes
Guarantee Term Seller offers 10 years compressor and 1 year Hitachi 586 ltr side by side fridge guarantee.
Efficiency Ratings Inverter Technology
Kind of Gasket Used Mold proof
Volume of Capacity 586 Ltr
Defrosting Type Frost Free
Type of Shelves Glass Transparent
Refrigerator Type of Hitachi Side by Side Freezer Top

9. Hitachi 289 L RT 310END 1K 2 Star Frost-Free Double Door Refrigerator

Hitachi 289 L RT 310END 1K Refrigerator

Hitachi provides best service from the purchase date of RT 310END 1K 289 L refrigerator and has toll free customer care number 1860-258-4848. 2 star ratings of Hitachi double door fridge frost free 289 litres provides more energy savings with best operating capabilities. As big rack for storing vegetables is huge in Hitachi 289 L RT 310END 1K fridge with lot of storage space. Upper position in fridge compartment of Hitachi refrigerator 2 star has chiller zone for keeping cool drinks and dairy products fresh. Place strong utensils on Hitachi RT 310END 1K double door refrigerator shelves without any worry as it is spill proof. Pure black colour of Hitachi 289 ltr frost free refrigerator double door draws attention towards its installed place. Space provided by Hitachi fridge 289 litres RT 310END 1K is enough for people of three to five members in a family.

  • Features
  • Specifications

  • Fresh fish, meat, dairy products through Hitachi double door refrigerator chill mode.
  • Soft fruits damaged, vegetables are easy to store in vegetable racks.
  • Very low price as Hitachi fridge costs about 29000 Rs.
  • Refrigerator double door has power ratings with 2 stars.
  • 289 L of storage capacity with double door specification.
  • Freezer zone defrosts ice at regular times through frost free system.

Brand Name Hitachi
Shelves Material Toughened Glass
Capacity 289 litres
System for Defrosting Frost Free
Hitachi refrigerator Kind Double Door Top Freezer
Model RT 310END 1K (PBK)
Gasket Type Air tight Antibacterial
Term Period Get total ten year term period along with one year product warranty from the manufacturer.
Ratings for Power 2 Star Ratings
Shade Pure Black
Compressor Type Inverter Technology

10. Hitachi R-WB550PND2 510 L Frost-Free Multi-Door Refrigerator

Hitachi R-WB550PND2 510 L Multi Door Refrigerator

Layout of Hitachi 510 L multi door refrigerator is very convenient and has flexible compartments. More space is offered by Hitachi R-WB550PND2 frost free fridge 510 litres with freezer section in the bottom. Rack provided to store fruits, veggies are extendable in Hitachi 510 ltr R-WB550PND2 multi door fridge for your benefit. Door pockets are giant in Hitachi refrigerator multi door for placing beverages of 2 litres capacity in a more flexible way. Light used is LED type which provides more brightness with power saving quality by Hitachi multi door refrigerator R-WB550PND2 510 L. Maintains a good relationship with customers about the Hitachi fridge related issues of all models through number for toll free 18602584848. You cannot hear any noise while Hitachi 510 L frost free refrigerator multi door is running as its operation is noiseless.

  • Features
  • Specifications

  • Excellent multi door model from Hitachi with smart functioning.
  • Get crisp food items as R-WB550PND2 refrigerator retains freshness.
  • More conveniently use the layouts of selected compartments.
  • Size and capacity is large enough for conserving more food with 510 L volume.
  • Achievable with bottom freezer cooler and LED light.
  • Smooth type of opening is provided by Hitachi multi door refrigerator with more modes of selection.

Brand Hitachi
Color Glass Brown
Compressor Inverter
Period of Warranty Different sellers of online stores provides varying warranty from the date of purchase of refrigerator Hitachi 2018
Efficiency of Energy Inverter
Shelves Type T. Glass
Type of Gasket Mouldproof
Name of the Model R-WB550PND2
Refrigerator Kind of Hitachi Multi Door Bottom Freezer
Defrost Method Frost Free
Volume of Capacity 510 litres

What are Different Hitachi Refrigerator Models Online

With the advanced intelligent qualities refrigerator Hitachi India will be on forth than the competitors with eminent design. Best Hitachi fridge models 2018 are more efficient with retains the necessary vitamins and taste of food stored. Usage of electricity is reduced with well organized Hitachi compressors contributing many effective factors. Have a glance at best models of fridge Hitachi 2018 with powerful features that maintains maximum cooling.

3 door or Solfege series: For extensive duration high moisture level of cooling in veggies compartment keeps edibles and food fresh. Operates very silently with strong cooling and releases environmental friendly gas.

Big French Series Hitachi fridge: Smart control with super spacious storage capacity and has one touch operation.

Slim Line Hitachi refrigerators: Even for long power shutdown situations cooling is maintained for slim range Hitachi fridge. Control is made with micro computer based eco thermo sensor with a compact design.

Super Big2 Series: For storing different kind of edibles you can set different cooling modes in refrigerator Hitachi 2018 with great storage space.

Bottom Freezer French Series: This type of Hitachi fridge model comes with vegetable racks that are extendable with freezer in the bottom.

Side by Side Refrigerator: Stored beverages and food has optimal cooling with both dual fan and inverter compressor usage.

Specifications of Hitachi Fridge in India

Read the required specifications before purchasing best refrigerator Hitachi from the below article to run fridge for many years. There are vast number of characteristics available for Hitachi fridge 2018 in which it leads the refrigerator manufacturing. Avoids any harm to environment by being free from HFC and CFC in both deluxe and standard single door fridges. Hitachi refrigerator price is very cheap than other fridge brands due to its productive running costs. Food taste never degrades by range of best Hitachi India refrigerators without damaging amino acids and vitamins. Study the features inbuilt in top 10 Hitachi refrigerators, so that you can get a complete idea about the technologies used by fridge Hitachi.

Specs and Features of Hitachi India Refrigerator:

  • Capacity in terms of both Net and Gross storage in litres.
  • Compartments of refrigerator with adjustable kind of glass shelves.
  • Automatic ice making with tray of aluminium in section of freezer zone.
  • Some Hitachi fridges comes with touch screen controller.
  • Type of deodorization filters for fresh air inside best refrigerator.
  • Attracts consumers with various types of body colors.
  • Most the crisper for storing veggies, fruits are adjustable with high moisture control.

Hitachi Refrigerator Customer Support Toll Free Numbers

Customers who bought Hitachi refrigerators 2018 are supported with service by the engineers for all components. You can also find the near by dealers for best refrigerator Hitachi from the official website or by dialing the customer care. Kitchen will be hygienic on installation of Hitachi fridge which looks nice with innovative designs. No extra cost is charged on calling Hitachi service executives for complaints, service requests, and installation. Also mail to below mentioned email address for any queries mentioning the product details with name of the seller. Help desk for Hitachi refrigerator issues works continuously for solving customer troubles with product.

Hitachi India Fridge Service Customer Care Number: 1860 258 4848.
For contacting dealers of Hitachi: +91-888-298-2220
Email-id Support for Hitachi Refrigerator:

How to Maintain Your Refrigerator Hitachi

You want to look neat and clean in society for getting respect from others. Refrigerators also must be properly maintained for efficient working with regular cleaning for Hitachi fridge to come long way. Schedule a calendar or keep an reminder online for thorough cleansing of refrigerator parts. This process will not kill your time as it hardly takes 30 minutes to maintain a fridge with some tips. Follow the key maintenance tips for cleaning the refrigerator provided by experts. Use vinegar for washing of gaskets so that mild dew growth is prevented.

Key Tips for Refrigerator Maintenance:

Coils must be clean: Unplug fridge from the power supply and brush the coils to remove dust for efficient running of refrigerator.

Proper checking of door seals: Working of refrigerator is hard if not sealed properly which consumes more energy. So thoroughly clean the seal of fridge doors.

Correct temperature adjustment: Temperatures adjusted in Hitachi refrigerator and freezer compartments must be right as per the amount of stored items.

Cleaning of gaskets: No damage or cracks should not be found in Hitachi fridge gasket for proper sealing of cool air. If it is perfect clean with solution provided in the manual and make it dry.

Follow above cleaning process for increasing the life span of best Hitachi refrigerators 2018.

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