Top LG Refrigerators You Should Buy in 2018 – Double, Single, Multi Door Price List

Top 10 LG Refrigerators in India

Find the best LG Refrigerator from the list of Top 10 LG Fridge available below with total reviews and price list. Check detailed latest refrigerator LG description of each model with features that provide right decision in selecting top refrigerator. Designed with pioneering technologies like moving ice twist tray, all round cooling, LG double door refrigerator is worth to buy. Amazon LG single door refrigerator price changes and the certified energy star ratings is to conserve power. Elegant design LG side by side refrigerator provides impressive space which is available online in Flipkart for best deal. Immense research was made by us for providing top LG refrigerators list considering the main specs, buyer ratings and reviews.

Best LG Refrigerator Online in India

For storing the more food and providing easy access for you LG fridge is the best among all brands. There are many types of LG refrigerators in which top freezer and bottom freezer are one of the leading varieties. Search for the best LG India refrigerator in the provided article which has brief description of product, clear pictures, specifications and online store buying links. Compartments inside LG double door fridge are to the eye level that has extra space in shelves for more storage. You can select the refrigerator of your range as LG fridge price in India is modest and available from 11,000 and upto 2 lakhs. Difference can be seen between store and online LG refrigerator price list as unusual deduction in cost is accessible in online shopping sites.

Top 10 LG Fridge Review & Latest Model Price List

Online price of best LG fridge in India is same in all the major cities and stores with detailed narration of each model. You need to check the top 10 best LG refrigerators 2018 online with french door, double & single doors, side by side doors. View the total information about each LG fridge models that are best in the market with reviews from the proficient working group. Make a right decision for extra space and elegant design LG India refrigerator with minimum cost.

1. LG GL-B201ASAW 190 L 3 Star Direct-Cool Single Door Refrigerator

LG GL-B201ASAW 190 L Direct Cool Single Door 3 Star Refrigerator

LG refrigerator 190 ltr price is cheap in all the shopping stores which is of about 15000 approximately. Be in a relax mode as LG GL-B201ASAW 3 star 190 L fridge utilizes less power for long run of the product. Cooling in the LG fridge single door is balanced automatically as per the load inside the refrigerator by the smart inverter compressor. The glass shelves in LG single door refrigerator are tested to resist a weight of 175 kg with more strong nature. Basket for storing vegetables in LG B201ASAW direct cool 3 star refrigerator has a capacity up to 9.6 litres for veggies, fruits. Stability in maintaining moisture at optimal level is possible with LG single door fridge 190 ltr GL-B201ASAW lattice box cover. Fungi and harmful bacteria is kept away by the LG 3 star direct cool fridge air tight anti bacterial gasket.

  • Features
  • Specifications

  • Automatically runs on smart inverter when power failure occurs.
  • Long time fresh food, vegetables by balanced moisture level.
  • Sturdy Toughened transparent glass shelves for bearing heavy weights.
  • More savings with LG fridge 3 star energy efficiency.
  • Voltages in the range of 100 to 290 volts can be handled with the stabilizer builtin.
  • Top selling LG single door refrigerator below 15000 price.
  • The family of 3 to 4 members can use this 190 ltr capacity fridge.

Name of the Brand LG
Technology for Defrosting Direct Cool
Energy Power Ratings 3 Star
Model Name GL-B201ASAW
Type of Shelves Transparent Glass
Refrigerator Kind Single Door Freezer Top
Volume for Storage 190 Ltr
Colour Scarlet Aster
Type of Compressor Smart Inverter
Warranty LG compressor has 10 years and the total product has one year period of warranty.

2. LG 190 L 3 Star Direct-Cool Single Door Refrigerator GL-B201APAW

LG 190 L 3 Star Direct-Cool Single Door Refrigerator GL-B201APAW

You feel convenient with the silent operation and great potential action of LG single door fridge 190 Ltr GL-B201APAW Smart inverter compressor. Balance operation is possible at high fluctuation s of voltages in LG refrigerator single door 3 star purple aster without any stabilizer. Injurious germs never enter into your food as air tight gasket of LG 190 ltr B201APAW direct cool refrigerator acts as a protective shield. 1800 315 9999 and 1800 180 9999 are the LG fridge service toll free numbers for guiding you in all technical problems. You can enjoy the personified smartness as 190 L 3 Star LG single door refrigerator runs without any breaks even during no power condition by connecting to the inverter. Stabilizer free performance is offered by LG GL-B201APAW 190 L direct cool fridge single door.

  • Features
  • Specifications

  • Crispy food is provided with leveling the moisture content.
  • LG 190 ltr refrigerator acts more smart with smart connect characteristic.
  • Door of freezer is transparent with Ariana handle type.
  • Durable smart compressor with warranty ten years.
  • Electricity bill is reduced with 3 star efficiency.
  • Making of Ice is more faster with double twist ice tray.

Brand LG
Shade Purple Aster
Term Period for Warranty From the purchase date of LG fridge you get warranty on product and compressor for 1, 10 years.
Capacity in Ltr 190 L
LG Compressor Technology Used Smart Inverter Compressor
Defrosting Direct Cool
Kind of Refrigerator Top Freezer Single Door
Name of the Model GL-B201APAW
Star Ratings 3
Type of Shelves Toughened Glass

3. LG GL-Q282SSAR 255 L 2 Star Frost-Free Double-Door Refrigerator

LG GL-Q282SSAR 255 L 2 Star Frost-Free Double-Door Refrigerator

Top LED light used in LG dual fridge GL-Q282SSAR is very efficient and provides superior look and stable brightness inside the refrigerator. LG refrigerator price list differs from the date in which it is available as per the latest offers and present cost in the market is below Rs 20000. You are provided with the option of pull out tray in LG double door refrigerator 255 Ltr for storing food items which are used often. The great innovation from refrigerator LG company is the smart inverter compressor for incomparable potential and quiet functioning. Vegetables stored in LG fridge double door Q282SSAR scarlet aster will never spoil with the help of special fresh zone. Circulation of cooling air is made at every corner of the LG double door fridge 2 star frost free 255 L through air flow with multiple vents.

  • Features
  • Specifications

  • Extra humidity is condensed and lattice grid evaporates the moisture for freshness.
  • More ice can be made with the ice tray and collect easily in box by twisting.
  • Air flow will be in multiple ways for proper storing of food.
  • Humidity controller in LG dual fridge keeps the fruits, veggies fresh.
  • Smart compressor adjust the level of cooling automatically with silent operation.
  • Easy to find your food inside LG fridge double door with LED light in top position.

Brand Name LG
Energy Ratings 2 Star
Method for Defrosting Frost Free
Shelves Type Glass Transparent Toughened
Compressor Smart Inverter
Colour Scarlet Aster
Model GL-Q282SSAR
Refrigerator Type Double Door Top Freezer
Warranty You will enjoy warranty term for 10 and 1 years for compressor and product.
Volume for Storage 255 Litres

4. LG 190 L 3 Star GL-B201AHAW Direct-Cool Single Door Refrigerator

LG 190 L 3 Star GL-B201AHAW Direct-Cool Single Door Refrigerator

The technology used for LG 190 L direct cool GL-B201AHAW refrigerator compressor is very more reliable and performs well with more effectiveness. You are provided with the LG customer care numbers like 1800-180-9999, 1800-315-9999 for knowing the complete information of various models. On the LG refrigerator single door 3 star gasket dust particles are accumulated for storing food without any spoil. Works more effective with the LG GL-B201AHAW 190 L refrigerator 3 star ratings to save the energy. You can place food and utensils up to a weight of 175 kgs on LG fridge single door direct cool glass shelves that are transparent. Acts more smartly as LG 190 ltr hazel aster fridge single door significantly connects with the inverter during failure of power.

  • Features
  • Specifications

  • Most economical with 14000 price.
  • Capable basket for storing vegetables with capacity of 9.6 ltr.
  • Easy to hold handle with removable gasket.
  • Power usage is very low by LG single door refrigerator.
  • Smartness is personified with inverter compressor having smart action.
  • Great shelves used in LG fridge GL-B201AHAW with glass material.

Name of the Brand LG
LG Fridge Type Freezer Top Single Door
Capacity for Storage 190 Ltr
Model Name GL-B201AHAW
Shade Hazel Aster
Compressor Technology Smart Inverter
Warranty Term Manufacturer offers guarantee for compressor & product for a term of ten, one years.
Power Efficiency 3 Star Ratings
Material Used for Shelves Toughened Glass
Defrosting Type Direct Cool

5. LG GL-B221ASAW 215 L 3 Star Direct-Cool Single Door Refrigerator

LG GL-B221ASAW 215 L 3 Star Direct-Cool Single Door Refrigerator

LG fridge price in India is very modest that every one wishing to afford 15000 rs to buy a refrigerator can go with this GL-B221ASAW model. 215 litres capacity for storing all food stuff in LG single door refrigerator is sufficient for couples and small group of families. Smart and stylish look LG GL-B221ASAW fridge is enough for even cooling and the inbuilt compressor works very perfectly with more durability. Stabilizer free process is performed by 215 ltr LG refrigerator single door 3 star with no additional stabilizer for controlling voltage levels. If power breakdowns occurs frequently, you never need to consider about it as LG 215 L 3 Star single door direct cool fridge has smart connect function for non stop cooling.

  • Features
  • Specifications

  • Long storage of vegetables is possible with LG moist balance lattice box.
  • Inbuilt voltage stabilizer can handle 100 volts to 290 volts voltage fluctuations.
  • Provides healthy stuff shielding for harmful fungi.
  • 3 star power ratings saves your electricity up to 35%.
  • LG refrigerator single door has smartness action for running compressor.
  • Overall cooling will never stop even with the non availability of power.

Brand LG
Shelf Material Transparent Glass
Name of the Model GL-B221ASAW
Type for Defrosting Direct Cool
Guarantee Period You have more period for warranty with one year for LG fridge and ten years for the compressor.
Efficiency of Energy 3 Star
Kind of Refrigerator Single Door Freezer Top
Type of Compressor Smart Inverter Compressor
Volume of Storage 215 Litres
Colour Scarlet Aster

6. LG 190 L GL-B201AMHC 3 Star Direct-Cool Single-Door Refrigerator

LG 190 L GL-B201AMHC 3 Star Direct-Cool Single-Door Refrigerator

The latest model of LG single door refrigerator direct cool 190 L is GL-B201AMHC which is top of the range with unbeatable working conditions. LG GL-B201AMHC price is in between 13k and 14k which works for both low and high voltage imbalances. If any breakdown occurs in LG single door fridge contact the service experts as you have warranty term for compressor and the total product model. If you require ice in 108 minutes then go with LG 190 ltr B201AMHC single door refrigerator as the fastest ice tray provides high speed ice. The thought of entering bacteria and unhealthy germs into the food stored in LG refrigerator single door is never possible with the door gasket which is air tight. 24 hours assistance is provided by the team of LG fridge experts for aid regarding any issues related to the refrigerator.

  • Features
  • Specifications

  • Stabilizer requirement is not necessary for LG single door fridge.
  • LG ice tray with quick features delivers ice in less than 108 minutes.
  • Vegetables moist is kept as per the need for crisp, healthy stuff.
  • Design on the LG refrigerator door is made of flower for fancy look.
  • Guarantee is provided for compressor for a duration of five years.
  • Spill resistant glass is used as shelves for heavy food persistance.

Brand Name LG
Compressor NA
Shade Marine Heart
Refrigerator Type Used Top Freezer Single Door
Kind of Material for Shelves Glass Toughened
Capacity in Litres 190 L
Model GL-B201AMHC
Star Ratings for Power 3
Method for Defrosting Direct Cool
Period for Warranty Product will have 1 year and LG single door refrigerator compressor has 5 year warranty period.

7. LG GL-I292RPZY 260 L Frost Free Double Door Refrigerator

LG GL-I292RPZY 260 L Frost Free Double Door Refrigerator

You can keep 2 litre bottles in the LG fridge door without any difficulty as so much area is available in the refrigerator door. Technology used in best LG India refrigerator is Ice beam door cooling that provides better cooling in each corner inside the top 10 fridge models. You can open and find every nutriment in the 260 Ltr LG double door refrigerator I292RPZY even at the nightfall with impressive led lighting. Compressor used in LG double door fridge frost free will not be effected by jet ice technology for making ice in less period of time. High storage space is available in LG GL-I292RPZY 260 L Frost Free Double Door Refrigerator with volume of 260 litres. Robustness is high in LG 260 ltr refrigerator double door as the smart inverter type of compressor delivers best capacity.

  • Features
  • Specifications

  • For certain the ice build up is defrosted by the LG frost free property.
  • Within 1 and half hour ice is made by the technology of jet ice.
  • Door racks can handle 2 litre capacity bottles or milk cans.
  • Good interior illumination for top model LED light.
  • Temperature is uniform in LG fridge models with door cooling of ice beam.
  • Noiseless efficient operation by compressor that works with smart inverter.

Name of the Brand LG
Model Name GL-I292RPZY
Term of Warranty From the date you buy LG refrigerator you are eligible for warranty for 10 & 1 year on compressor, LG product
Energy Efficiency 3 Star
Type of Shelves Glass with Toughened function
Defrosting Technology Frost Free
Compressor Model Smart Inverter Type
Colour Shiny Steel
Capacity for Storage 260 Ltr
Kind of Refrigerator Freezer Top Double Door

8. LG 190 L 3 Star GL-B201APZW Single Door Direct-Cool Refrigerator

LG 190 L 3 Star GL-B201APZW Single Door Direct-Cool Refrigerator

Do you look for top 10 LG refrigerator in India with more prominent features, buy LG single door 3 star direct cool fridge which is available for Rs 13000 price. Defrosting in LG fridge single door GL-B201APZW freezer can be made on timely basis for clean. Spoil of food is never possible as LG refrigerator India 190 Ltr has good gasket which will not enter the injurious organisms into the fridge. 3 Star rated LG single door refrigerator B201APZW 190 Litres uses less electricity & increases life expectancy. The colour in which LG 190 L single door refrigerator available is shiny steel that grabs the attention with a benefit of door lock. Smart connect is the special factor available for LG fridge single door 3 star 190 ltr where you can connect directly with the Inverter.

  • Features
  • Specifications

  • Very rugged toughened glass to hold the big weights.
  • Stable moisture is maintained for crisp food.
  • Energy usage is quiet less with the 3 star power saving guide.
  • Compressor inbuilt in best LG fridge has assurance for a period of ten years.
  • Good storage space for vegetables with the available baskets.
  • You can clearly see inside the freezer compartment with the transparent glass.

Brand LG
Model for Compressor Smart Inverter
Refrigerator Kind Freezer Top Single Door
Shade Shiny Steel
Efficiency for Power 3 Star Ratings
Technology Used for Defrosting Direct Cool
Shelves Type Toughened Glass
Guarantee Period 190 Ltr LG refrigerators will receive 10 years, 1 year warranty for both compressor and products.
Storage Volume 190 Litres
Name of the Model GL-B201APZW

9. LG GL-B221ASOX 215 L Direct Cool 4 Star Single Door Refrigerator

LG GL-B221ASOX 215 L Direct Cool Single Door Refrigerator

Best convenience is provided in LG 215 L 4 Star refrigerator with high capacity storage for vegetables and the total food with attractive front design. Everyone has a wrong idea about LG fridge single door that it consumes additional electricity, but the 4 star power saving helps to lessen bill. Customers who bought LG GL-B221ASOX refrigerator gets support for any repair by dialing helpline number like 1800-180-9999. You can get cooling in situations like variations or no power to LG single door refrigerator 4 star B221ASOX as it naturally connects to Inverter. Best revolution by the initiation of Smart compressor in LG refrigerator single door 215 ltr for noiseless and fabulous working. After receiving the 215 Litres LG single door fridge GL-B221ASOX 4 Star Direct Cool you have to just unbox and follow the user manual which do not require any installation.

  • Features
  • Specifications

  • LG fridge 215 L has united stabilizer for bearing the fluctuations of voltage.
  • Rating is 4 Star which uses low power with a good warranty period.
  • Keeps the moisture at correct level for fresh food.
  • The LG refrigerator sturdy glass shelves are too strong for heavy loads.
  • Can run smoothly without the need of stabilizer.
  • Price of Scarlet Orchid LG single door refrigerator is less than 20000 Rs.

Brand Name LG
Capacity in Litres 215 Ltr
Model GL-B221ASOX
Period for Warranty LG 215 L 4 Star fridge has 10 years warranty for compressor, total product will have 1 year term period.
Type of Shelves T Glass
Power Ratings 4 Star
Colour Scarlet Orchid
Technology of Compressor Smart Inverter
Defrosting DirectCool
Kind of Fridge Single Door Top Freezer

10. LG 260 L 2 Star GL-Q292SSAR Frost-Free Double-Door Refrigerator

LG 260 L 2 Star GL-Q292SSAR Frost-Free Double-Door Refrigerator

Air vents inside the LG 260 L frost free refrigerator double door circulates even air for maintaining food items garden fresh. Unvaried lighting is provided across LG double door refrigerator frost free GL-Q292SSAR remarkable top led light. Provides more ice when in need by the LG fridge single door 260 ltr 2 star ice tray which can be twisted for collection of ice in the box. Not at all disturb about the freshness of veggies, food stored in LG refrigerator double door GL-Q292SSAR as the fresh zone retains necessary moisture. More new technologies are available with 2 star LG double door fridge 260 litres that fits in any space of your stylish home. Compressor works very effectively for LG GL-Q292SSAR 260 L double door refrigerator with powerful efficiency and adaptation of cooling as per the food you stock.

  • Features
  • Specifications

  • Inverter provides the most advanced performance with low electricity usage.
  • Moist balance controller in fresh zone preserves the fruits crisp.
  • The voltage stabilizer inbuilt in LG double door fridge handles more variations of current.
  • Under 20000 price with great value for money you invest.
  • LG double door refrigerator has auto defrost job for no increase of ice in the freezer.
  • Volume in litres of 260 capacity with air in more no of ways for great chill.

Name of the Brand LG
Fridge Design Top Freezer Double Door
Shade Scarlet Aster
Type of Defrosting Frost Free
Compressor Smart Inverter Compressor
Shelves Material Glass Toughened Transparent
Energy Efficiency 2 Star
Warranty All the list of elements used in LG fridge 260 litres has an period of assurance for 10 & 1 year on compressor, comprehensive product.
Storage Volume in Ltrs 260 L
Model Name GL-Q292SSAR

LG Refrigerator Specifications and Features

There are many features which effect the LG fridge functioning which are listed below. You have to consider all the characteristics into consideration for proper working of LG dual fridge with good life cycle. Value of LG refrigerator in India may change according to the inbuilt features. So, before obtaining new LG double door fridge, have a keen look on all the specifications of each model.

Features of LG fridge:

  • No of Doors in refrigerator.
  • Type of Defrosting (Frost Free or Direct Cool)
  • Compressor.
  • Refrigerator capacity in terms of Litres.
  • Energy Rating by Stars for low power consumption.
  • Design of LG fridge.

How to Buy a LG Fridge at Best Price

Refrigerators Price vary in the market with the ready spot deals and more offers. You might have bought your old LG fridge many years ago and want to replace with new refrigerator that has best design, performance. Evaluation of the most important available features with best budget is the prime factor for buying top LG refrigerator.

Easy Steps for Purchasing Fridge at Low Price:

Basic Needs Identification: The most important point while buying a new LG fridge is to consider the price which is to comfortable with long term potential. Type of Usage is another feature with numbers of members within the family. According to the space in the room, measurements of the refrigerator should perfectly suit and must satisfy your needs and desires with additional options.

Consider the Different Types: Opt for the best LG side by side refrigerator, LG single door fridge, LG double door refrigerator as per your choice. There are another important type LG bottom freezer and LG Top freezer refrigerators that must be bought longevity and best capability.

Shop at Best Deal: There are huge discounts on top 10 LG fridge 2018 in many leading online e-commerce stores. Approach the best site that provides more price cut for valuable savings.

Most Important Features: Consider the freshness technology for proper food storage, type of water filters and pull outs used in the refrigerator LG. The power saving guide provides how efficient your fridge in terms of power usage.

Customer Toll Free Numbers of LG Refrigerator in India

Our Checktop10 site provides list of numbers for LG service centers across India for proper solution of all the technical issues. You may face problem with the freezer, shelves, water filter, technology of freshness, compressor, fridge air tight gaskets, etc. All the mentioned complications can be resolved on your own by do it yourself steps or dialing the service center for support. Some difficulties are easy to solve which do not require any assistance from LG service experts. Frequent clean is necessary for any refrigerator to run without any hurdles and for better span of life. Warranty Period is available for any LG India refrigerator for all the inbuilt parts and the compressor. Any issues with them within the guarantee term is resolved by experts team.

LG Refrigerator Toll Free Numbers in India: 1800-315-9999, 1800-180-9999.

Latest Model LG India Refrigerator to Buy Online 2018

In market, many top brand refrigerators release various models to withstand the heavy competition which includes Samsung Fridge, Whirlpool with LG. Different LG fridge models available with great storage space, best designs with top working freezers are listed above with best prices. Mainly you want to go with LG single door, side by side, bottom freezer and double door refrigerator types that matches your needs. The list of LG refrigerator models provided by us are latest which is revised on release of new fridge. Price differs from one fridge model to other with the factors consideration of refrigerator.

LG Side by Side Refrigerator: You have the facility to open one door as per your requirement which consumes low power for the two side by side LG fridge.

Double Door LG Refrigerator: As the name itself suggests that it consists of two doors with one door consisting of freezer and other with fridge compartment.

LG Bottom Freezer Fridge: Freezer will be at bottom of refrigerator LG so that you can easily find the preserved food without any strain.

LG Single Door Refrigerator: Cost of LG fridge single door begins from Rs 8,000 and provides better cooling all over the refrigerator.

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