Top Rated 10 Mini Fridge List with Buying Tips | Best Small Refrigerator 2018 Reviews

Top 10 Best Mini Refrigerators

Here you can look at the top 10 best mini fridge to buy in 2018 list based on price, quality and performance. Check the compact refrigerator with best selling models and top-rated reviews that suits for offices, home. You may have many doubts about which mini refrigerator to buy, what amount of cooling small fridge provides? and what is the range of price?. We clear all your doubts regarding best small refrigerator 2018 list as hours of research is made in finding the top 10 refrigerator mini India. Amazon mini fridge price is considerably low for all brands like LG fridge, Samsung, Whirlpool fridge and Haier. Most of the mini refrigerators are very small in size for providing more space in the bedroom or the kitchen with more elegant looks.

Top 10 Mini Fridge to Buy in 2018 India

Many stores in India offers outstanding discounts online for mini refrigerator price. Very compact in size every small fridge suits for even small rooms for preserving food, drinks without losing the freshness. Top rated 2018 list of best mini fridges reviews with total specs, pictures, features are provided here with links to purchase from top sellers. From hundreds of best small refrigerator models, top list is available below with a complete description. Special price for top 10 mini refrigerators 2018 is possible on big deal days of Amazon or Flipkart shopping sites. Capacity of best selling compact refrigerators utilizes less energy per month for immense efficiency.

Top Rated Best Mini Refrigerator List Online Reviews

Find the most popular small fridge India from top sellers which has refrigerator and freezer compartment. Best mini fridge 2018 fits in the small spaces and works for many years with lowest price tag. Most popular 10 small refrigerators ranging from cheap cost are included with best reviews. Energy consumption of mini refrigerator single door is less compared to the normal full size model. The top list of compact refrigerator are included below with premier features.

1. Electrolux 80 L Direct Cool Single Door Refrigerator ECO90PSH/EC091PSH

Electrolux 80 L Direct Cool Single Door Refrigerator ECO90PSH EC091PSH

Do you want your room with 80 L capacity of mini refrigerator so that your cannot walk into the kitchen for chill water at midnight. This is possible with Electrolux mini fridge that has optimum features and warranty card from the top seller in leading stores. You can contact the Electrolux small fridge customer care for any problems related to product by adding state capital STD code in the prefix to 39404040. Grocery can be stored in this Electrolux 80 Ltr ECO90PSH/EC091PSH small refrigerator which has best design inside for storing beverages. Mini fridge price of Electrolux 80 L is less than 9000 so that everyone who requires low capacity refrigerator can opt for ECO90PSH model. Technology used for defrosting of best mini refrigerator Electrolux is direct cool which saves the bills of electricity.

  • Features
  • Specifications

  • Preserves the freshness of fruits in the vegetable crisper.
  • Your chicken nuggets and ice creams can be stored in the small fridge freezer section.
  • More number of shelves are provided for storing the containers.
  • Electrolux mini refrigerator is more efficient for energy with 3 star ratings.
  • Large and small bottle guards are provided for comfortable storing of bottles.
  • Idle as bedroom small refrigerator or for bachelors with 80 litres capacity.

Name of the Brand Electrolux
Mini Fridge Type Single Door Top Freezer
System for Defrost Direct Cool
Volume of Capacity 80 L
Compressor Reciprocatory
Shade Silver Hairline
Shelves Type Wired
Power Ratings 3 Star
Guarantee Period Compressor of Electrolux mini refrigerator has five years and complete product has 1 year warranty term.

2. Sansui SC091PSH-HDW/HAD 80 L Direct Cool Single Door Refrigerator

Sansui SC091PSH-HDW HAD 80 L Direct Cool Single Door Refrigerator

Sansui is the best manufacturer for small refrigerator which consists of many models with great inbuilt design. Store milk in the provided Sansui portable refrigerator milk tray for convenience locating and placing of milk easily. The mini freezer of Sansui provides ice cubes for refreshing parties and making cold coffee. Heavy weight beverages are supported easily by SC091PSH-HDW/HAD Sansui mini fridge glass shelves with toughened and strong wires. Very effective Sansui mini refrigerator price in India is 7,000 approximately. Servicing of Sansui 80 L refrigerator mini is very easy as it uses reciprocatory compressor. Variety of frozen desserts for friends and your kids are possible with Sansui small fridge 80 L. Toll free number for Sansui mini fridge online is 18004194040 across India.

  • Features
  • Specifications

  • Temperature will be cool inside Sansui 80 L refrigerator with cool pack at power cuts.
  • Very hefty weight containers can be placed as mini fridge has strong wire and glass shelves.
  • Separate milk tray for storing the milk and diary products.
  • Direct cool is the frosting type used in the Sansui small refrigerator.
  • With the help of 80 L small fridge Sansui you can make different popsicles.
  • Consists of Ice zone for making cold coffee with the ice cubes.

Brand Name Sansui
Period for Warranty Four years and 1 year guarantee is provided for best Sansui refrigerator compressor and the product.
Colour Silver Hairline
Type of Shelves Wired Shelfs
Name of the Model SC091PSH-HDW/HAD
Power Efficiency 1 Star Ratings
Defrost System Direct Cool
Technology of Compressor Reciprocatory
Volume for Storage 80 Ltr
Type of Small Fridge Top Freezer Single Door
Additional Features R 600 Gas, Milk Tray, Ice Zone

3. Sansui 47 L SC061PSH-HDW/SC062PSH-FDW Direct Cool Single Door Refrigerator

Sansui 47 L SC061PSH-HDW SC062PSH-FDW Direct Cool Single Door Refrigerator

Power consumption of Sansui SC061PSH 47 L mini refrigerator is very less with the usage of R600 gas. Sansui mini fridge price in India is reasonable than other popular brand models with same capacity that is 47 litres. The removable Sansui small refrigerator SC062PSH-FDW 47 ltr gasket is very easy to clean and never enters the dust and harmful germs. The concealed condenser maintains the temperature as per need and small fridge has many accessories of cabinet. Place your favourite ice cream for chill without melting in Sansui 47 L single door mini refrigerator India mini freezer. Fairly massive beverages can be put on the SC061PSH-HDW/SC062PSH-FDW 47 L Sansui India small fridge sturdy toughened glass shelves. Total warranty for Sansui 47 L direct cool refrigerator is one year from the purchase time.

  • Features
  • Specifications

  • Door gasket with removal anti bacterial feature.
  • Transparent toughened shelves made of glass to hold heavy weights.
  • Mini freezer of Sansui fridge helps to preserve ice creams.
  • With a capacity of 47 litres you can store salads and fruits.
  • Maintains clean fresh air with internal condense.
  • Defective parts are replaced within the 1 year warranty term.

Brand Sansui
Compressor Type Reciprocatory
Mini Refrigerator Type Freezer Top Single Door
Storage Capacity 47 L
Type of Defrost Direct Cool
Other Features Anti Bacterial Door Gasket, R 600 Gas
Efficiency of Energy 1 Star
Shade Silver Hairline
Warranty Sansui small fridge gets guarantee for one year on all manufacturing defects.
Shelves Material Toughened Glass

4. Haier HR-62HP 52 L Direct Cool Single Door Refrigerator

Haier HR-62HP 52 L Direct Cool Single Door Refrigerator

Compressor of Haier mini refrigerator 52 L makes low noise with fulfillment of wide range tasks. Facility of door lock is equipped with Haier 52 L small fridge and has tray for making ice cubes. Rubber with magnet type of gasket is utilized in HR-62HP Haier mini fridge with great body features. You feel very elegant while opening the Haier HR-62HP single door direct cool refrigerator as the recess handles will be ery convenient. Never disturbs your sleep while using Haier small refrigerator 2 star in the bedroom as it has inbuilt low vibration compressor. Dial the hot line numbers of Haier refrigerator mini service centers 1800 200 9999, 1800 102 9999 for any related information about the fridge. Design of best mini refrigerator Haier is perfect with stylish and premium looks with cool air inside.

  • Features
  • Specifications

  • Finish of door is perfect with PCM with thicker insulation.
  • Cool air is sealed perfectly inside the Haier small fridge.
  • Low noise and vibration compressor for long run of the refrigerator.
  • Wired type of shelves are used and requires less electricity for running.
  • Metal body material is used for top 10 small refrigerator India.
  • Approximately Haier mini fridge price is 7000 Rs.

Name of the Brand Haier
Colour Silver Grey
Model Name HR-62VS
Energy Efficiency 2 Stars
Kind of Compressor Reciprocatory Compressor
Type of Material for Shelves Wired Shelves
Capacity in Litres 52 Ltr
Type of Small Fridge Single Door Freezer Top
Defrost Type Direct Cool
Period for Warranty Enjoy 1 year warranty on Haier mini fridge and four years for the compressor inbuilt.
Type of Gasket Rubber with Magnet

5. Videocon 47 L Single Door Refrigerator VC061PSH-HDW

Videocon 47 L Single Door Refrigerator VC061PSH-HDW

Capacity for storing food in Videocon VC061PSH refrigerator is 47 litres and available with easy payment options. Bottle storage rack in 47 L Videocon mini fridge is very convenient and supportive with curved type of door. Customer care toll free number is available for Videocon mini refrigerator VC061PSH-HDW for service details of product through 1800 103 3505. Door shelves inbuilt in Videocon small fridge direct cool 47 L are sturdy as it is made of toughened glass material. Many features in addition provide excellent capability for Videocon 47 ltr refrigerator for smooth performance. Handle used in best small refrigerator Videocon is recessed and has onsite term period for a duration of 1 year. Silver hairline colour and the door lock specification of Videocon 47 litre refrigerator attracts with its looks.

  • Features
  • Specifications

  • Best single door small refrigerator with direct cool defrost.
  • Great shelves of door inbuilt with glass toughened.
  • Has mini freezer and compressor used is reciprocating type.
  • Videocon mini refrigerator price is 8000 nearly with bank offers and EMI facility online.
  • Premium look is possible with the curved door.
  • Gasket fights against bacteria for retaining the hygiene factor of fruits.

Brand Name Videocon
Gasket Type Anti Bacterial
Small Refrigerator Type Top Freezer Single Door
Shade Silver Hairline
Warranty Period From the purchase date of Videocon mini refrigerator you will get 5 years and one year compressor, product warranty.
System for Defrosting Direct Cool
Storage Capacity 47 L
Shelves Type T. Glass
Efficiency of Star Rating 1 Star
Name of the Model VC061PSH-HDW
Compressor Technology Reciprocating

6. Mitashi 87 L 2 star Direct-Cool Single-Door Refrigerator MSD090RF100

Mitashi MSD090RF100 87 L Single Door Refrigerator

At no power conditions you have cooling inside the Mitashi MSD090RF100 single door refrigerator with the chilling gel. To keep edible items safe from the kids Mitashi small fridge 87 L is provided with lock and key characteristics. The performance and cooling is balanced in Mitashi best mini refrigerator 2018 inspite of variations in power without any stabilizer. If you store large amount of food the cooling temperature should be normal by defrosting the ice build up at regular intervals. Perfectly fits in small areas with adjustable legs and top 10 mini fridge design is elegant with silver color. Easy handle of hefty pots and food with Mitashi 87 litre small refrigerator glass shelves that are tougher and safe.

  • Features
  • Specifications

  • The more money and electricity is saved with the 2 star power ratings.
  • Chilling gel for preserving the cooling at power shutdown in best mini refrigerator.
  • Mitashi refrigerator is compact with convenient legs that adjusts easily in small areas.
  • Periodical defrosting is necessary for maintaining even temperature.
  • Most efficient in terms of energy with an option of lock and key.
  • As per the cooling you need you can alter the temperature of knob on the unit of lamp.

Brand Mitashi
Type of Shelves Safety Glass Shelves
Capacity for Storage 87 Litres
Technology for Compressor Reciprocatory
Energy Efficiency 2 Stars
Model MSD090RF100
Period of Guarantee Product will receive one year and compressor for a duration of 5 years against the defects in manufacturing.
Colour Silver
Defrosting Type Direct Cool
Type of Refrigerator Single Door Top Freezer
Control Option Door Lock

7. LG 45 L GL-051SSW Direct Cool Refrigerator

LG 45 L GL-051SSW Direct Cool Refrigerator

Out of many best small refrigerator brands, LG is popular with the capacity and cooling technologies. Material used for making LG mini fridge 45 L is stainless steel with extended warranty periods. You are provided with a ice tray and the technology used for cooling LG 45 Ltr GL-051SSW refrigerator is very powerful. Store medicines, fruits, small juice bottles, water bottles, cans in the LG mini refrigerator direct cool. 45 Litres capacity of LG best small fridge in India adapts for small family or for single person with presence of elegant looks. 1800 180 9999 is the toll free customer care number of LG India single door refrigerator GL-051SSW. LG mini fridge price decreases further at the time of special sales by Amazon with more offers and the facility of EMI.

  • Features
  • Specifications

  • Best single door direct cool fridge with approximately 8000 price.
  • Cooling is maintained uniformly with capacity of 45 litres.
  • Freezer section with ice tray.
  • Type of door material used for LG small fridge is stainless steel.
  • Healthy food is provided with the top 10 mini refrigerators.
  • Manufacturer warranty is available for the single door LG fridge.

Name of the Brand LG
Shade Super White
Refrigerator Type Freezer Top Single Door
System for Defrost Direct Cool
Guarantee Period As per the manufacturer warranty term changes.
Compressor Technology Reciprocating
Shelves Type T. Glass
Options to Control Door Lock
Storage Volume 45 Litre
Model Name GL-051SSW
Efficiency for Energy NA

8. Mitashi MSD050RF100 46 L 2 star Direct-Cool Single-Door Refrigerator

Mitashi MSD050RF100 46 L 2 star Direct-Cool Single-Door Refrigerator

Mitashi direct cool single door fridge MSD050RF100 is more friendly to environment with very low cost. The more convenient Mitashi mini fridge 46 L legs are adjustable with silver colour and best product that suits for small areas. Operates without stabilizer so MSD050RF100 Mitashi small refrigerator stabilizes the variations of voltages for unchanging cooling. Role of chilling gel is very important in best mini refrigerator Mitashi 46 ltrs at the time of power outages. Easy holding of heavy food items is possible with Mitashi toughened shelves made of glass with strong nature for small fridge. Your children may open the MSD050RF100 46 L refrigerator in your absence, so lock facility is provided for buyer convenience.

  • Features
  • Specifications

  • Maintenance of cooling at consistent levels is possible with regular manual defrost.
  • More efficient in terms of power saving with 2 star energy ratings.
  • Exterior body of Mitashi looks beautiful with silver coating outside.
  • For power cuts cooling will never degrade with mini refrigerator chilling gel.
  • Safe shelves made of glass for withstanding huge weights.
  • You can alter the settings of temperature through the mechanical knob.

Brand Name Mitashi
Volume in Litres 46 Ltr
Name of the Model MSD050RF100
Power Ratings 2 Star
Type of Small Fridge Single Door Top Freezer
Colour Silver
Refrigerant Gas R600a
Compressor Normal
Shelves Material Wired
Guarantee Term Compressor of Mitashi small fridge has warranty of 5 years and one year for the MSD050RF100 product.
Defrost Type Direct Cool

9. Godrej RD Champion 99c 1.2 Direct Cool 99 L Single Door Refrigerator

Godrej RD Champion 99c 1.2 Direct Cool 99 L Single Door Refrigerator

Cooling of Godrej 99 L Champion 99c 1.2 will remain same with solid insulation so works more productively. Greenery of earth will never decrease as environmental friendly Godrej small fridge 99 litres releases less harmful gases. High efficiency Godrej best mini refrigerator Champion 99c 1.2 compressor with less power consumption. The service team of Godrej small refrigerator 99 litres provides great customer support with 18002095511 toll free number. Spacious inside by providing enough space for storing drinks, food for bachelors through Champion 99c 1.2 top 10 mini fridge 2018 of Godrej. You can adjust the shelves of Godrej 99 L direct cool single door fridge with semi automatic defrosting. Pay for best mini refrigerator in India with EMI through online in Flipkart store.

  • Features
  • Specifications

  • Low usage of electricity with more efficient compressor.
  • Full and Half convenient shelves and mini fridge price is 9,800.
  • Cooling retention is possible with thick small refrigerator insulation.
  • Never harms the ozone layer with harmful substances as it is eco friendly.
  • High and low power variations can be hold with the inbuilt stabilizer.
  • Thermostat control can be done externally with 1 star energy ratings.

Brand Godrej
Compressor Type High Efficiency Compressor
Defrosting System Direct Cool
Material for Shelves Toughened Glass
Mini Refrigerator Kind Freezer Top Single Door
Term for Guarantee Get total period of warranty for 1 year on Godrej RD Champion 99c 1.2 Stroke small refrigerator.
Type of Insulation Thicker Insualtion
Shade Silver Strokes
Ratings for Energy 1 Star Ratings
Model Name RD Champion 99c 1.2 Stroke
Storage Capacity 99 Litres

10. LG 92 L GL-B131RDSV 2 Star Direct-Cool Single-Door Refrigerator

Godrej RD Champion 99c 1.2 Direct Cool 99 L Single Door Refrigerator

Ten types of temperature settings are available in LG GL-B131RDSV 92 L refrigerator to preserve food cool and fresh as per your requirement. LG best mini fridge 2018 fulfills all your needs with even distribution of temperature. Separate chiller zone is available in top 10 LG small refrigerator with huge capacity tray. Shelves used in the 92 L GL-B131RDSV LG mini refrigerator are wired which provides faster cooling. For storing eggs separate tray is provided within the LG 2 star single door refrigerator. A freezer section is also provided for LG refrigerator mini 92 ltr GL-B131RDSV for storing freeze food like ice creams and more. Dazzle steel is the colour in which LG best small fridge is available with free standing installation. 1800 180 9999 is the LG customer care number for contacting service team of experts for product total information.

  • Features
  • Specifications

  • Fresh room tray for storing diary related products.
  • 92 litres capacity is large enough for all the food items.
  • Power efficiency is too good with ratings of 2 stars.
  • Dedicated tray for eggs is provided in LG small fridge.
  • Provided with separate freezer compartment with temperature adjustments through mechanical knob.
  • For temperature distribution to be better wired shelves are used.

Name of the Brand LG
Model GL-B131RDSV
Shelfs Type Wired
Energy Ratings 2 Stars
Colour Dazzle Steel
Type for Defrost Direct Cool
Capacity in Litres 92 L
Guarantee Term LG Small fridge 92 L will have warranty for one year.
Type of Refrigerator Single Door Freezer Top
Compressor Technology Normal

What is the Best Small Fridge to Buy in India

Countless brands are available to make mini refrigerator with consideration of many parameter values. You must consider the measurements of the small fridge India as it should fit in the right place without occupying more space. Measuring the space inside best mini fridge 2018 for the food you want to store is important part for choosing top refrigerators small. You may arise with a question which is the best fridge mini to buy in India ? We guide you in all the ways in selecting top refrigerator double door for your work place, bedrooms. Have a keen look for the below small refrigerator list and see if one suits for your needs.

1. Electrolux ECO90PSH/EC091PSH 80 L Single Door Refrigerator.

2. Sansui 80 L SC091PSH-HDW/HAD Direct Cool Mini Refrigerator.

3. Sansui SC061PSH-HDW/SC062PSH-FDW Direct Cool 47 L Single Door Refrigerator.

4. Haier HR-62HP 52 L Direct Cool Single Door Small Fridge.

5. Videocon 47 L Single Door Mini Refrigerator VC061PSH-HDW.

6. Mitashi MSD090RF100 87 L 2 star Direct-Cool Single-Door Refrigerator.

7. LG 45 L GL-051SSW Direct Cool Small Refrigerator.

8. Mitashi 46 L MSD050RF100 Direct-Cool Single-Door Refrigerator.

9. Godrej RD Champion 99c 1.2 99 L Single Door Small Fridge.

10. LG 92 L Direct-Cool GL-B131RDSV 2 Star Single-Door Refrigerator.

How to Choose Cheap and Best Small Refrigerator

Some basic tips to opt for best small fridge is provided by us on measuring various factors for less room occupant. Consideration of duration of life, quality, release date, feedback of user, performance, energy ratings are vital for buying mini fridge. Your requirements is the main criteria to consider which should be more convenient and efficient compact refrigerator.

Selecting top 10 mini refrigerators for small spaces

Best mini fridge with separate freezer:Better pick freezer combo refrigerator small section with good performance of temperature for better working. Freezer has own door with thermostats.

Layout of Interior:Look for the glass shelves rather than wire shelves for better spills. You can adjust the door bins and shelves by lower, raise or remove for accommodating the food.

Size and height of small fridge:Some basic refrigerator are tall in size and some are with less cubic feet. Opt for best type that suits in little space.

Small refrigerator weight:While choosing for best mini refrigerator India weight is the important feature. Most of them want their fridge mini to be less weight for portable nature.

Power utilization:Every one want their refrigerator to consume less power with better capability. More efficiency is possible with high star ratings.

Top Mini Refrigerator Customer Support & Service Numbers

Have any questions to know about the small fridge accessories, manuals, warranty information? Get support for small refrigerator product through SMS, email or hot line numbers. Every best mini fridge 2018 of top brands has customer service numbers with 24 hours support. Check the mini refrigerator India toll free numbers of all refrigerator brands here. Dial the customer toll free numbers at the time mentioned that is working hours of the service executives to resolve the technical issues. All the service support numbers of Electrolux, Haier, Godrej, Videocon, Sansui are listed below.

  • Haier mini refrigerator customer service no: 1800 102 9999, 1800 200 9999.
  • Videocon small fridge toll free numbers: 1800 103 3505.
  • Electrolux mini fridge customer hot line number: 39404040 (Prefix State capital STD code).
  • Sansui small refrigerator toll free number: 18004194040.
  • LG refrigerator customer service number: 1800 180 9999.
  • Godrej mini refrigerator customer helpline number: 1800 209 5511.

What Is The Best Way To Clean a Mini Fridge

Transfer of odors to other food is quick if you not clean the spills as early possible inside small fridge. We list the things required to clean top 10 mini refrigerator with some basic tips for making odor free.

  • Contamination possibility is high if you not remove the spoil food while starting the process of cleaning fridge.
  • Soak removable parts in warm water with dish washing soap liquid before you start rinsing and wiping.
  • Use high quality sponge or micro fibre cloth dipped in the solution made for removing strains.
  • For removing any stubborn strains apply the thick paste of baking soda for an hour and wipe with a soft cloth.
  • Defrosting of small refrigerator is also important cleaning step which must be done thoroughly at regular intervals.
  • Place a towel inside the freezer and underneath the door for absorbing water and moisture overnight.
  • Next day you have to use dry towel for cleaning all the excess moisture to avoid the growth of bacteria.

Some Useful Tips You Must Follow For Long Run of Small Fridge

To increase the life span of best mini refrigerator 2018, follow the helpful tips provided in site.

  • For easy slide out during cleaning of small fridge, keep space in all sides.
  • To absorb bad odors place baking soda in open box inside the refrigerator.
  • Unplug of small refrigerator is not required if it has automatic defrosting setting.
  • Compressor area should be dust free for performing well.
  • Ensure that the Samsung fridge is upright all the time.

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