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10 Best panasonic LED TVs In India

If you look for best Premium TVs that lasts for years, here is the answer for you in the form of Panasonic TVs that lasts for many years. The main emphasize of panasonic led tv is on quality of pictures with many menu options for easy navigation. According to your requirement you need to choose the best tv of panasonic available with different types of resolutions like Ultra HD 4K Television, Full HD, HD Ready. We guide you in landing with the top panasonic smart tv in india along with 3d capabilities that has user friendly interface. You are not only limited to the television broadcasts, Panasonic Viera TVs provides video on demand service for your limitless joy. Wide range of top models in panasonic television along with complete description, price list, pictures are provided here.

Top 10 Panasonic TVs Smart/Non Smart by Size in India

Go through the complete overview of Panasonic led tvs available for all range of budgets i.e. from small led televisions to HDR Oled and 4K UHD models. We land you in the best deal of panasonic tv india by providing the individual description and images of the product. Panasonic television price available here may vary slightly at the time of purchase, as the stores for shopping provides best discounts. With the use of unique technologies, panasonic 4k tv display all colours in the world at same clarity with great pleasure for viewing. The list provided includes best televisions for 32 inch, smart tv, 40 inch, ultra hd 4k tvs and more.

Best Panasonic LED TVs List with Price & Reviews

Never get stucked with the sites which provides list of 10 best panasonic televisions with limited information. As our experts team will do in depth research in providing the best ten panasonic led tvs list based on the specifications, user ratings, and the usage. The most important factors a buyer considers in purchasing the best panasonic tv includes price and screen size. Stunning styles and clear screens of panasonic smart tvs improves the room looks by ultimate concept like “Harmony with Room”. Do you want to know the list of panasonic best tvs in india without waiting for a second, then go through the below available panasonic best led tvs models.

1. Panasonic TH-W32E24DX 32 inch HD Ready LED TV

Panasonic TH-W32E24DX 32 inch HD Ready LED TV

For televisions under 15,000 price, Panasonic 32 inch TH-W32E24DX HD Ready LED TV is the best one with warranty from the manufacturer for one year. Adaptive backlight dimming technology in panasonic led tv 32 inch displays even the dark colours with great clarity. Dial 1800 108 1333 or 1800 103 1333 toll free number of panasonic tv for clearing doubts regarding the product. Speakers of full range with output of 20 Watt in panasonic 32 inch led tv provides good sound for watching movies or videos at utmost immersion. Panasonic W32E24DX HD Ready led tv has 100 hertz bmr for providing pictures with smooth movement and no blur. The quality of pictures displayed by panasonic television is of great precision by high definition resolution screen.

  • Features
  • Specifications

  • No distortion in pictures by 100 hz motion rate.
  • Display Type is adaptive backlight dimming.
  • Two powerful speakers with a output of 20W.
  • HDMI & USB each with 2 ports.
  • 1366×768 resolution panasonic tv screen.
  • Vivid digital pro for improving colours of images.
  • Power consumption is very less which is about 50 Watt.

Brand Name Panasonic
LED Type of Display Adaptive Backlight Dimming
Name of the Model TH-W32E24DX
Aspect Ratio 16:09
Display Resolution 1366 x 768 pixels
Technology of Screen HD Ready
Warranty From the purchase date manufacturer provides 1 year warranty period
Screen Size 32 inch (80 cm)
Audio RMS Output 20W

2. Panasonic Viera TH-W43ES48DX 43 inch Full HD Smart LED TV

Panasonic Viera TH-W43ES48DX 43 inch Full HD Smart LED TV

View pictures with natural skin tones and colours by panasonic 43 inch led tv TH-W43ES48DX vivid digital pro. Flexible to access many internet apps, games in cloud with panasonic viera full hd smart led tv. Processing engine with dual core behaviour of panasonic smart led W43ES48DX 43 inch tv improves the performance of the television along with fast browsing speed. Connectivity ports of 2 USB and 3 HDMI in panasonic tv 43 inch helps to connect more devices for good enjoyment with multiple contents. Get support from panasonic through customer service centers regarding demo of the product or requesting for service. Full HD Panasonic led tv 43 inch screen provides clarity pictures for immersive watching of television.

  • Features
  • Specifications

  • Many internet apps with inbuilt wifi.
  • Listen rich sound with 20w speakers.
  • Operating system with smart opera.
  • Super bright panel improves the clarity of photographs.
  • 100 hertz frame rate for watching high action videos without blur.
  • Reproduce the content of smartphone in panasonic viera smart full hd tv.
  • Displays dark and deep blacks at best clarity with backlight dimming technology.

Name of the Brand Panasonic
Size of Screen 108.2 cm (43 Inch)
Period of Warranty One year warranty is available for panasonic full hd tv.
Screen Resolution 1920×1080
Speaker Output 20 Watt
Model Name TH-W43ES48DX
HD Technology Full HD
Standard Refresh Rate 100 Hz
InBuilt WiFi Yes

3. Panasonic 24 inch Viera TH-24E201DX HD Ready LED TV

Panasonic 24 inch Viera TH-24E201DX HD Ready LED TV

Panasonic TH-24E201DX 24 inch led tv is available with price below 10000. The shopping sites may provide additional deals on panasonic viera tv which reduces the price by considering offers. Two 6 Watt speakers in panasonic led tv 24 inch with best sound technologies increases the listening experience by delivering powerful bass and deep sound. You can compare panasonic hd ready led tv 24 inches specs with other models which stands in best position in terms of features. IPS LED LCD panel of panasonic viera TH-24E201DX led tv helps to view pictures at same clarity in any viewing angle. You can buy panasonic tv 24 inches with easy monthly installments at best plans. If you receive panasonic 24 inch Viera TH-24E201DX HD Ready LED TV with any manufacturing defects, you can replace within the replacement policy provided by the sellers.

  • Features
  • Specifications

  • Consumption of power is about 40 Watts.
  • Blur free images through 100 hertz rate of refresh.
  • Connect flash drive for watching content on big screen with 1 usb input port.
  • Picture quality is great with hd ready 1366×768 pixels.
  • 24 Inch display screen.
  • Audio rms output of 12 W for mesmeric sound.
  • Very reasonable price and can handle easily.

Brand Panasonic
Motion Rate 100 Hertz
Model TH-24E201DX
Type of Panel IPS LED LCD
Resolution of Screen 1366 x 768
Warranty Period From the purchase date have 1 year warranty period
Technology of Screen HD Ready
RMS Output 2 X 6 W
Screen Size 60 cm (24 Inch)

4. Panasonic TH-43E200DX 43 inch Full HD LED TV

Panasonic TH-43E200DX 43 inch Full HD LED TV

V audio surround sound and full range speakers of panasonic full hd 43 inch led tv delivers outstanding sound with 20w output. The best power consumption with ambient sensor feature in panasonic 43 inch led tv helps to save power by low electricity bill. Videos are displayed at rich clarity as panasonic tv TH-43E200DX full hd led tv has noise filter for reducing the extra noise from the pictures. You can connect usb drives, set top box and playstation to panasonic led tv 43 inch for gaming by connecting ports of one usb and 2 hdmi. Love to watch movies in panasonic TH-43E200DX 43 inch Full HD LED TV at highest detail by 1920×1080 full hd display. Adjust the modes of pictures like cinema or normal or dynamic as per your convenience with panasonic full hd tv 43 inch TH-43E200DX.

  • Features
  • Specifications

  • User or Speech or music sound modes.
  • IPS LED LCD Panel for amazing display of photographs.
  • Support from panasonic through 18001031333 regarding issues of product.
  • Panasonic led tv reduces dot noise for clear images.
  • Technology used for display is Full HD.
  • Best pictures without any blur by the 100 hertz frame rate.
  • Output of audio is around 20 W by 2 speakers with high range.

Brand Name Panasonic
Size of Screen 43 Inch (108 cm)
Warranty For only manufacturing defects as period of one year warranty is provided on panasonic tv 43 inches.
Screen Technology Full HD
Audio RMS Output 20 W
Model Name TH-43E200DX
Display Resolution 1920 x 1080 pixels
Type of Display LED
Refresh Rate 100 Hz

5. Panasonic 39 inch TH-39E200DX HD Ready LED TV

Panasonic 39 inch TH-39E200DX HD Ready LED TV

As per your comfort, on purchase of panasonic TH-39E200DX 39 inch led tv provides demo or installation through service engineer at free of cost. If you search for best 39 inch hd ready led tv with price less than 30,000, then panasonic tv india is the best choice which has remarkable features. View your vacation pictures along with your family on panasonic led tv 39 inch TH-39E200DX by connecting usb drives. Famous online stores provides you cash on delivery or emi options for panasonic television of 39 inches. Refresh rate provides images without any distortion by 100 hz of panasonic 98cm hd ready TH-39E200DX led tv. Panasonic India TV provides 1 year comprehensive warranty from the purchase date.

  • Features
  • Specifications

  • HDMI ports of two for connecting gaming playstation & set top box.
  • Noise of images is reduced by panasonic led tv 39 inch.
  • 2 X 8 W speakers for exceptional sound.
  • Most advanced power feature like ambient sensor.
  • Can connect external devices for seamless content sharing on big screen.
  • Panasonic hd ready television filters the digital noise.
  • Surround sound available is v audio.

Name of the Brand Panasonic
Display Type LED
Resolution of Screen 1366×768
RMS Speaker Output 16 Watt
Motion Rate 100 Hertz
Model TH-39E200DX
Warranty Get 1 year period of warranty on panasonic televisions.
Technology of Screen HD Ready
Display Size 39 Inches (98 cm)

6. Panasonic TH-24D400DX 24 inch HD Ready LED TV

Panasonic TH-24D400DX 24 inch HD Ready LED TV

This Panasonic 24 Inch TH-24D400DX HD Ready LED TV is the best television in 24 inches screen size with a price below 10000 Rs. Two of the speakers each in panasonic led tv 24 inch delivers good sound with an output of 6 w each. You are never distorted while panasonic TH-24D400DX 24 inch hd ready led tv has panel type of ips for providing images at same clarity in any angle. With the help of adaptive backlight dimming in panasonic 24 inch led tv, you can view photographs with true natural colours. If you want flexi type stand for panasonic tv TH-24D400DX, request the service engineer at the installation time. 176 degree view angle by panasonic 24 inch television provides great experience for viewing along with 100 hz frame rate.

  • Features
  • Specifications

  • Available with Battery, Manual, Wall Mount, AV Cable, Remote along with panasonic led tv unit.
  • Size of 24 inch screen perfectly fits in the medium sized rooms.
  • Each one usb, hdmi connectivity with side & rear features.
  • Angle for viewing is 176 degree.
  • 6 Watt output of sound for exceptional clarity of audio.
  • Thin bezels makes panasonic TH-24D400DX tv a prominent design.
  • Never turns your eyes as hd resolution screen delivers tremendous picture perfection.

Brand Panasonic
Screen Size 24 Inch (60 cm)
Output of Speaker 6 W
HD Technology HD Ready
Display Resolution 1366 x 768 pixels
Model Name TH-24D400DX
Warranty Period From the purchase date, have 1 year warranty period.
Consumption of Power 40W
Standard Refresh Rate 100 Hz

7. Panasonic 32 inch TH-32D430DX Full HD LED TV

Panasonic 32 inch TH-32D430DX Full HD LED TV

Your external connection devices like camera, usb device, etc are easy to connect with panasonic full hd tv TH-32D430DX. Highest level of photographs in movies are clear to watch through panasonic 32 inch led tv 1920×1080 display. Like to watch action movies or want to play racing games, no worry as panasonic TH-32D430DX 32 inch tv has high rate of refresh i.e 100 hertz. Get more discounts with panasonic tv 32 inch full hd from the sellers for which you buy for a price around 20000. Feel free to dial 1800 108 1333 helpline number of panasonic service center for knowing details of the product. With the help of ADS panel and dot noise reduction video feature in panasonic led tv 32 inch TH-32D430DX, you can view videos at utmost transparency.

  • Features
  • Specifications

  • Media Player along with 14 Watt RMS output.
  • Super bright ads panel improves the contrast and brightness of pictures.
  • Full HD screen for displaying images at impressive sharpness.
  • The 2 HDMI & 2 USB peripherals provides to connect more devices.
  • Have hotel mode convenience feature.
  • Analog tuner provides audio without any extra noises.
  • Strong sound with the 2 inbuilt speakers.

Brand Name Panasonic
Type of Display Direct LED
Period of Warranty Enjoy domestic warranty for a period of 1 year.
Technology of Screen Full HD
Model TH-32D430DX
Resolution of Screen 1920 x 1080
Speaker Output 14 W
Display Size 81.3 cm (32 Inch)
Panel Type ADS Panel
Motion Rate 100 Hertz

8. Panasonic TH-22D400DX 22 inch Full HD LED TV

Panasonic TH-22D400DX 22 inch Full HD LED TV

By connecting your new game machine or a device with panasonic 22 inch full hd led tv hdmi port your are entering into new entertainment hub. Watch each frame without reduction in resolution as panasonic TH-22D400DX full hd tv has backlight motion rate of 100 hertz. Add effects like background music to your pictures or videos by connecting the content with panasonic tv 22 inch TH-22D400DX. Fizzy and random noise in images is reduced by panasonic led tv 22 inch technology called dot noise reduction. True and immersive surround sound is delivered by panasonic 22 inch TH-22D400DX full hd television. Panasonic India provides warranty for one year on TH-22D400DX 22 inch full hd tv. Listen optimal sound with panasonic 6 w speakers for true experience in listening.

  • Features
  • Specifications

  • Delivers images with no blur by bmr of 100 hertz.
  • Wide angle for viewing with 176 degree feature.
  • True surround sound technology.
  • Next level of fun by connecting usb devices with panasonic 22 inch full hd tv.
  • Crisper pictures by reducing random noise.
  • Power consumption of panasonic television is very less.

Name of the Brand Panasonic
Type of Panel IPS
Model Name TH-22D400DX
Rate of Refresh 100 Hz
Warranty Manufacturer provides one year period of warranty on panasonic 22 inch led tv.
Size of Screen 22 Inch (55cm)
Screen Technology Full HD
Display Resolution 1920×1080 pixels
Output of RMS 6 W
Display Type LED

9. Panasonic TH-32ES480DX 32 inch HD Ready LED Smart TV

Panasonic TH-32ES480DX 32 inch HD Ready LED Smart TV

Type of app store in panasonic smart 32 inch tv is opera with plenty of entertainment and useful applications for satisfaction of user. Listen music at high sound as panasonic 32 inch led tv has built in speakers with a output of 20 W. Have a smooth viewing experience for action scenes with clarity in each frame with motion rate of panasonic TH-32ES480DX 32 inch smart tv 100 hz. Android operating system of mobile is supported by panasonic hd ready 32 inch led tv. TH-32ES480DX Panasonic tv is best smart television with reasonable price i.e. 22,000. Each two hdmi and usb interfaces are available in panasonic led tv 32 inch TH-32ES480DX for connecting many widgets for good purpose of entertainment. Surround sound in panasonic smart television delivers deep bass for amazing sound. Reflect the data of your smartphone with panasonic 32 inch TH-32ES480DX smart hd ready led tv for viewing videos or movies in the large screen.

  • Features
  • Specifications

  • Plug in your gaming devices, usb drives and more with 2 usb & hdmi peripherals.
  • Capture each movement of the video at great clarity by 100 hertz frame rate.
  • Astonishing picture standard by high definition screen.
  • Fast speed of accessing by dual core processor.
  • Rich sound with full range 20 Watt speakers.
  • Access Internet at excellent speed in panasonic 32 inch led smart tv.
  • The good ips panel display all pictures at crystal clear clarity.

Brand Panasonic
Resolution of Screen 1366 x 768
Warranty Good period of warranty for 1 year on panasonic smart 32 inch tv from the seller.
Screen Size 32 Inch (80 cm)
Type of Processor Dual Core
Speaker Output 20 W
Refresh Rate 100 Hertz
Technology of Screen HD Ready
Name of the Model TH-32ES480DX
Application Store Type Opera

10. Panasonic Viera Shinobi 49 inch TH-49E460D Full HD LED TV

Panasonic 49 inch Full HD LED TV TH-49E460D

You can watch pictures at efficient clarity as panasonic shinobi pro 49 inch smart full hd led tv has an led backlight with wide viewing IPS panel. Listen strong sound by the panasonic TH-49E460D full hd tv speakers of 35 watt. Number of frames per second is 200 hertz in panasonic 49 inch led tv shinobi pro TH-49E460D led tv which provides movements in pictures with smooth actions. You can dial panasonic customer service executive regarding the viera shinobi TH-49E460D television demo through toll free numbers like 18001081333 and 18001031333. Panasonic led tv TH-49E460D 49 inch provides good reproduction of sound from the powerful subwoofers. For delivering beautiful and natural colours panasonic tv 49 inch full hd TH-49E460D has own technology called hexa chrome drive which reproduces the six colours.

  • Features
  • Specifications

  • Clarity of pictures is exceptional by the full hd display.
  • Superbright plus led ips panel for increasing brightness of photographs.
  • Rich frame rate of 200 hz per second.
  • Affordable price tag with high range features.
  • Output sound of panasonic Viera 49 inch tv is 35 W.
  • For unlimited media support connect with the hdmi port.
  • Hexa chrome drive technology for displaying true colours.

Brand Name Panasonic
Model TH-49E460D
RMS Output of Speaker 35 W
Display Technology Full HD
Rate of Motion 200 Hz
Warranty Period From the purchase date enjoy one year warranty on panasonic viera shinobi led tv
Display Type of LED Adaptive Backlight Dimming
Size of Screen 49 inch (123 cm)
Screen Resolution 1960 x 1080 pixels

What are Different Models of Panasonic Televisions ?

Panasonic is the topmost company in manufacturing latest models of televisions with utmost specifications. Identifying the best replica from the available list is a bit tough task for a users to buy top panasonic led tvs. For making your job simple we provide the latest models of panasonic televisions available in the market. Panasonic Viera is the best selling model which is built with high end features. Design of panasonic smart tvs are perfect which provides stunning looks with best screen technology. Look the below available list for knowing the wide range of panasonic led televisions models.

Panasonic 4K Ultra HD: Better buy panasonic uhd 4k televisions for enjoying beautiful and detailed pictures. Lasts for long life with extraordinary benefits and better buy 4k tvs for screen size above 50 inches.

Smart Panasonic Television: If you want to use many internet services in the big screen without much effort then opt for panasonic smart tv. Flash format is supported by the browser application in panasonic tv for unlimited data sharing.

Bigger Size of Screen: Even the big screens of panasonic led tvs are thin and slim with perfect measurements that fits in your tv units. So better choose the right display size as per your necessity.

How to Clean Panasonic LED TV in a better Way ?

Are you bit worried about the fingerprint, dust, smudges on the panasonic tv screen ? Here is the good steps to clean your modern television without harming the screen. Never use glass cleaners as it affects adversely for the panasonic 4k tv screen. Follow the general cleaning tips with some common sense that makes your tv shine than before.

Cleaning Instructions for Panasonic Television:

  • Unplug the device before you start cleaning process to get rid of electrical shocks.
  • Cleaning cloth should be soft which is lint free.
  • Use the cleaning solution as recommended in the user manual.
  • Start wiping the frame using the cleaning solution on cloth and without effecting the sensitive parts like speakers.
  • Dry cloth must be used to clean the speakers, cabinet.
  • Finally clean the screen which is very sensitive by using dry cloth.

Panasonic TV Specifications and Features

Difference between other branded televisions like LG, Sony, Samsung and Panasonic LED TV is in terms of no of frames per second and unique colour enhancer, vod service and hexa chrome drive. Panasonic Smart TV provides provides fast browsing with many services that are easy to operate without any hurdles. Improves the brightness of downloaded content for better enjoyment. Feel like you are in theatre by watching movies in panasonic tv with premium quality images.

Consider the below specs before purchasing Panasonic Television:

Type of Resolution: Pick the best panasonic full hd tv or hd ready tv or 4k uhd according to your need for ideal picture definition.

Rate of Refresh: The most important and considerable feature is number of frames per second for better movement of videos.

Display Size: Opt for big screen if you have large space for placing the panasonic led tv otherwise go with small screen televisions.

Smart or Non Smart: Better choose panasonic smart tv if you use internet more frequently for accessing web contents like youtube videos and more. Go with on smart television for viewing tv programs only.

Number of Interphases: More the number of peripherals you can access more devices for exceptional fun.

Best Ways to Use Panasonic TV Remote

Buying a television of your choice is simple but operating the remote which has many buttons is not so easy. For your easy panasonic led tv remote operation we provide you the simple steps for your easy convenience.

  • To turn on the TV, use the circular red button on the top of the remote.
  • Menu in the top left of panasonic tv remote is used for adjusting the brightness, date, time and contrast.
  • On the center of the remote you can watch buttons labelled “Ch” and “Vol” to adjust the channels and volume.
  • In the below of vol and ch buttons you can see favourite, information, format and mute buttons.
  • The top center consists of viera tools button for accessing eco mode, photo viewer and viera links.
  • At the bottom of panasonic television remote you can find blu ray players, vhs or dvd control buttons to rewind, play, fast forward, pause your disc.

Panasonic LED Television Customer Helpline Numbers

You may come across any kind of issues after using panasonic tv india for few years . The customer support team of panasonic televisions provides assistance for you regarding problems with the remote control, picture perfection, speakers, connectivity ports, etc. Just call the panasonic service center toll free numbers for your difficulties with the led tv panasonic. If the complications are not solved through the phone, you can visit the nearest service center suggested by our team of specialists.

Helpline Numbers of Panasonic Customer Care:
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