Ten Best Samsung Refrigerators to Buy in India | Specs, Price of Samsung Fridge

Top 10 Best Samsung Refrigerators

View wide range of Samsung Refrigerator available with single door, double door, french door and convertible fridge models in this article. Shop best Samsung fridge online at stores provided below at low price by reading the expert reviews of each model. At present best refrigerators of Samsung is the most needed device to preserve the food, provide chill beverages, make ice for parties. Most advanced and trending fridge is Samsung convertible refrigerator 2018 in which freezer is convertible. Budget friendly Samsung fridge price in India is low compared to other brands of refrigerator. Technical experts will guide you regarding the product by calling Samsung refrigerator customer care. On regular basis Samsung fridge 2018 list available below will be updated if new product enters into the market.

Best Samsung Refrigerator Price List with Reviews 2018

Instead of the heavy competition in the refrigerator market, Samsung fridge stands in the top selling position for its technical aspects. The other brands refrigerator price is little more high than Samsung refrigerator price in India. You can have the complete view of the fridge Samsung review which includes specifications, detailed pictures of the model, features and price list. Vary in the Samsung fridge price may occur based on the type of refrigerator, and the technical specs. Amazon provides great discounts for refrigerator Samsung India price with additional benefits. You can pay through EMI for Samsung double door refrigerator, where Flipkart store offers surprising price cut downs at festive seasons.

Top 10 Samsung Fridge in India

Are you hesitated in finding the list of best Samsung refrigerator in India from online stores? No worry, checktop10 is the best site which provides top 10 Samsung fridge list. We not only cover the latest models but also consider the affordable Samsung refrigerator price in the table. You may find the complete review of best Samsung single door, double door, mini, side by side, french door and convertible refrigerator. Study all the Samsung fridge models in the below checklist and pick the best refrigerator 2018 that suits your kitchen.

1. Samsung RR19M1712RJ-HL/RR19M2712RJ-NL 192 L Direct Cool Single Door Refrigerator

Samsung RR19M1712RJ-HL, RR19M2712RJ-NL 192 L Direct Cool Single Door Refrigerator

Crown design with stylish looks of Samsung 192 L single door refrigerator attracts attention towards your kitchen. Your family will be healthy and fit as Samsung refrigerator single door RR19M1712RJ-HL can store more veggies and fruits with freshness. Lamp inside the Samsung single door fridge RR19M2712RJ-NL direct cool provides clear vision to find item you want in the refrigerator. Place heavy utensils on the Samsung fridge 192 Litres direct cool durable and strong glass as it can hold heavy weights. Safety of Samsung single door refrigerator is ensured as withstands the high fluctuations of the voltage by the integral stabilizer. Separate space to store desserts, milk for maintaining coolness and freshness through best refrigerator Samsung fresh room.

  • Features
  • Specifications

  • Thoughtful and attractive floral design.
  • Gasket prevents fungi and harmful bacteria entering into Samsung fridge.
  • Handle has the keyhole where you can lock to prevent your kids not to open refrigerator.
  • Heavy pots and food can be placed on the glass shelves.
  • Super freeze zone helps to store the frozen food.
  • Vegetable storage box is very big which keeps fresh.
  • Operates smoothly even in power variations through the help of built in stabilizer.

Brand Name Samsung
Material for Shelf Toughened Glass Shelves
Defrosting Used Direct Cool
Model Name RR19M2712RJ-NL/RR19M1712RJ-HL
Storage in Litres 192 Litres
Colour Royal Tendril Red
Guarantee Period Compressor of Samsung fridge has 5 years warranty and overall product consists of one year warranty
Star Energy Rating 2 Star
Type of Compressor Normal
Refrigerator Type of Samsung Single Door Freezer Top

2. Samsung 253 L Frost Free Double Door Refrigerator RT28K3722UT

Samsung 253 L Frost Free Double Door Refrigerator RT28K3722UT

On special occasions you can store all the food in the freezer of Samsung refrigerator RT28K3722UT which is convertible to fridge up to volume of 88 Litres. Food items can be accessed without effort as the slide shelfs has rolling hinges in Samsung 253 L double door fridge for easy pull out. Even at the time of high temperatures i.e. 55 degree celsius, digital inverter compressor of Samsung fridge double door provides cooling for fresh food. The Samsung double door refrigerator 253 L design is inflated by the elegant handles recessed along with the system of door alarm. Stable operation of Samsung fridge RT28K3722UT frost free pebble blue is possible with the stabilizer inbuilt. Digital display is the added advantage of Samsung frost free double door refrigerator as you can operate it with a single touch.

  • Features
  • Specifications

  • Cooling demands are satisfied easily by the digital inverter.
  • More storage space with the convertible freezer of Samsung fridge double door.
  • Temperature control is independent for both freezer and refrigerator compartment.
  • Cooling is provided in all ways through multiple outlets.
  • Shelves are very easy to slide with door alarm system.
  • Convenient to store big bottles in the bottle guard.
  • LED lighting brightens every corner of Samsung refrigerator with more efficiency.

Brand Samsung
Compressor Used in Samsung Digital Inverter
Period of Warranty Total Samsung double door fridge has 1 year and compressor has ten years term period.
Shade Pebble Blue
Kind of Refrigerator Top Freezer Double Door
Efficiency of Power 2 Star Rating
Shelves Type Glass Toughened
Volume of Storage 253 L
Name of the Model RT28K3722UT
Defrosting Frost Free

3. Samsung 192 L 5 Star Direct-cool Single Door Refrigerator RR20M1Y2XUT-HL/RR20M2Y2XUT-NL

Samsung 192 L 5 Star Direct-cool Single Door Refrigerator RR20M1Y2XUT-HL RR20M2Y2XUT-NL

Samsung refrigerator price is Rs 17,000 in different stores which vary from the available date with many trending offers. If you are not around, lock the Samsung direct cool refrigerator 5 star RR20M1Y2XUT-HL to stop your kids from opening fridge for chocolates. Lines and round, curved shape makes the Samsung single door fridge look more sophisticated. You cannot hear any noise while Samsung refrigerator single door 5 star is operating which is possible by the digital inverter. More flexibility is possible in opening the Samsung 192 L RR20M2Y2XUT-NL fridge door with the island handle type that adds more beauty to your decor. Integrated stabilizer in Samsung fridge single door 192 Ltr helps for smooth functioning even at variations of voltages.

  • Features
  • Specifications

  • Saving of energy is very high which is about 55%.
  • Door is stylish with island type handle.
  • Glass shelves are very strong which can withstand heavy fruits and veggies.
  • Seven levels for adjustment of temperature for high durability.
  • For small families, Samsung single door fridge 5 star is perfectly suitable.
  • Stylish and more efficient with the digital inverter compressor.
  • You can lock Samsung fridge single door to protect sweets from children.

Name of the Brand Samsung
Capacity in Litres 192 Litres
Colour Pebble Blue
Type of Defrosting Direct Cool
Compressor Technology Digital Inverter
Warranty Ten years on compressor, 1 year total warranty for product form purchase date
Shelves Material Toughened Glass
Energy Efficiency 5 Star
Fridge Type Single Door Freezer Top

4. Samsung RT28K3022SE-NL/HL 253 L Frost Free Double Door Refrigerator

Samsung RT28K3022SE-NL,HL 253 L Frost Free Double Door Refrigerator

Samsung technical team will provide help if you have any issues with RT28K3022SE-NL/HL refrigerator through service number 1800 40 7267864. Consistent and uniform temperature is maintained within Samsung refrigerator double door 253 Litres through multiple vents for cool air. Shelves of Samsung RT28K3022SE fridge is made of glass that can hold heavy weight with easy sliding feature. You can twist frost maker simply for collection in box & Samsung double door refrigerator gets lighting through LED placed at top. The fashionable looks of Samsung fridge double door frost free 253 L not only draws attention but is very easy comfortable to open. Compressor in Samsung double door fridge 2 star has digital inverter property that balances the speed for systematic working conditions.

  • Features
  • Specifications

  • Maximum production of ice than normal other refrigerator brands.
  • Overall cooling is provided evenly throughout the Samsung fridge.
  • Works without any external voltage stabilizer to resist fluctuations in power.
  • Cooling from Samsung double door refrigerator is never interrupted with smart connect inverter.
  • Frost free behaviour of refrigerator Samsung defrosts ice time to time.
  • Perfectly suits for large group of families with 253 Litre capacity.
  • Effortlessly access the products of food as slide shelves provides easy movement.

Brand Name Samsung
Energy Star Rating 2 Star
Model Name RT28K3022SE-NL/HL
Material for Shelves Glass Toughened Shelfs
Type of Compressor Digital Inverter Compressor
Defrosting Method Used Frost Free
Warranty Term Manufacturer offers 10 years and 1 year for compressor, product of refrigerator Samsung double door
Shade Elective Silver
Refrigerator Type of Samsung Freezer Top Double Door
Capacity for Storage 253 L

5. Samsung 192 L Direct Cool Single Door Refrigerator RR20M272ZU2-NL/ RR20M172ZU2-HL

Samsung 192 L Direct Cool Single Door Refrigerator RR20M272ZU2-NL RR20M172ZU2-HL

The round top unique design of Samsung RR20M272ZU2 refrigerator single door delivers graceful look to your kitchen. Handle used in Samsung 192 L direct cool RR20M172ZU2 fridge is bar chrome type which provides smooth function to open with extra convenience. If you search for best refrigerator under 15000, then without delay buy Samsung single door refrigerator with a great warranty period. Colour in which refrigerator Samsung RR20M272ZU2-NL available is star flower blue with design of flowers that engages more attention. Capability of Samsung double door fridge direct cool RR20M172ZU2-HL is increased with the compressor of digital inverter along with high durability. Saving of your money is increased with Samsung fridge 3 star single door as the 3 star power rating reduces the number of units consumption per year.

  • Features
  • Specifications

  • Compressor available with ten years guarantee period.
  • Glass shelves are more strong with easy to move response.
  • Samsung double door fridge can handle high power variations.
  • Bar chrome handle adds more stylish look to the refrigerator.
  • Crown type design with edges bending at the corners adds more modern look.
  • Capacity with 192 Litres and power ratings of three.
  • For more safety purpose Samsung refrigerator is available with key & lock facility.

Brand Samsung
Colour Star Flower Blue
Kind of Fridge Top Freezer Single Door
Term of Warranty Product will be available with one year and compressor with 10 years from the date of buying
Technology of Compressor Digital Inverter
Energy Efficiency 3 Star
Volume of Storage 192 Litres
Name of the Model RR20M272ZU2-NL/ RR20M172ZU2-HL
Method for Defrosting Direct Cool
Shelves Type Toughened Glass

6. Samsung RT28M3022RZ-NL/HL Frost Free 253 L Double Door Refrigerator

Samsung RT28M3022RZ-NL,HL Frost Free Double Door Refrigerator

Performance of Samsung 253 L 2 Star refrigerator is never interrupted during the non availability of power with smart inverter connect technology. Storage space in Samsung RT28M3022RZ fridge is very large for keeping fruits, vegetables, diary products, beverages, etc. Every corner and inch in Samsung double door fridge 2 star frost free is cooled steadily by the all round cooling system. Samsung India Customer Care Numbers are 1800 3000 8282, 1800 266 8282 which provides assistance for free demo & product issues. Perishable goods can be stored for longer period in Samsung fridge double door 253 Litres drawer which has moist fresh feature. You cannot see any handles in Samsung refrigerator RT28M3022RZ-HL/NL double door as they are recessed which offers more convenience.

  • Features
  • Specifications

  • High electrical surges can be withstand with the integrated voltage stabilizer.
  • Fresh food is available with cooling in all the corners of refrigerator.
  • Even if you place 150 kg of weight Samsung double door fridge can withstand.
  • Find items inside the refrigerator easily even at night with LED light.
  • Want to dispense the ice cubes just simply twist the ice maker.
  • Home inverter is connected at the time of power cuts with Samsung fridge through digital inverter.
  • The five members family can buy this 253 Litre capacity fridge double door.

Name of the Brand Samsung
Model RT28M3022RZ-NL/HL
Shelf Material Toughened Glass Shelves
Capacity for Storage 253 Ltr
Efficiency of Power 3 Star Ratings
Defrosting Method Frost Free
Shade Tender Lily Red
Compressor Type Digital Inverter Compressor
Fridge Type Double Door Top Freezer
Warranty Get guarantee on Samsung fridge for 1 year and on compressor for ten years.

7. Samsung 192 L 3 Star Direct Cool Single Door Refrigerator RR20M182ZB2/RR20M282ZB2

Samsung 192 L 3 Star Direct Cool Single Door Refrigerator RR20M182ZB2 RR20M282ZB2

You can purchase Samsung 192 Ltr 3 star refrigerator for a price of approximately 15,000 Rs with availability of EMI facility. The digital inverter technology of refrigerator Samsung RR20M182ZB2 direct cool increases the durability with noiseless performance. Base stand is the added feature of Samsung refrigerator single door 192 Litre as you can store vegetables which do not require any cooling. The food you store in Samsung single door fridge will remain tasty and fresh for long hours with the best features. Interior space provided in Samsung fridge single door 3 star 192 ltr is very spacious and has door lock mechanism. According to the level of cooling demand, compressor speed of Samsung RR20M282ZB2 192 ltr fridge meets the demand of cooling.

  • Features
  • Specifications

  • Place the potatoes and onions in the fridge Samsung India base stand drawer.
  • If overload in voltage occurs in this refrigerator the stabilizer withstands reliable operation.
  • You can put massive vegetables, utensils on shelves made of glass that can resist more weight.
  • Rounded shape design and clean lines add more look to Samsung single door refrigerator.
  • Elegant design and bar chrome handles improves look of your modern decoration in home.
  • 192 Litres volume of storage is perfect for family of small and couples.
  • Technology with digital inverter adds more efficiency for great working capability.

Brand Name Samsung
Type of Refrigerator Single Door Freezer Top
Term for Warranty Manufacturer for Samsung 192 ltr fridge offers 10 and one year warranty for compressor and product.
Colour Star Flower Black
Defrosting Technology Direct Cool
Power Ratings 3
Model of Compressor Digital Inverter
Storage Capacity 192 Litres
Type of Shelves Used Glass Toughened Shelfs
Name of the Model RR20M282ZB2/NL,RR20M182ZB2/HL

8. Samsung RT30K3723S8 275 L 3 Star Frost Free Double Door Refrigerator

Samsung RT30K3723S8 275 L 3 Star Frost Free Double Door Refrigerator

Automatically Samsung frost free 275 L refrigerator defrosts the ice build up in the freezer for more competence. LED light with bright and slim feature in Samsung refrigerator double door RT30K3723S8 offers better illumination that is glare free. Two fans work separately for Samsung fridge 275 ltr frost free 3 star freezer and refrigerator for controlling the temperature. More stylish look is possible with RT30K3723S8 Samsung double door refrigerator digital display controls. This is the must have fridge in every household as Samsung 3 star 275 L refrigerator has large bottle guard, power freeze technology, handle with recess. Never panic about the interior cooling system of Samsung India refrigerator frost free as balanced cooling is maintained through many outlets.

  • Features
  • Specifications

  • Circulation of cool air is optimal with Samsung all round system for cooling.
  • You can convert freezer into fridge when you require to store more food.
  • Best selling Samsung fridge with price under 27,000 Rs.
  • Looks more stylish with digital control system.
  • Separate temperature control for fridge and the freezer with dual fan.
  • Easy to open and close Samsung double door refrigerator with the recess type handle.
  • Do not panic for the shutdown of power as operates without any stabilizer.

Brand Samsung
Compressor Technology Digital Inverter Compressor
Material Used for Shelves Glass
Model Name RT30K3723S8
Star Energy Efficiency 3 Star Ratings
Shade Elegant Inox
Capacity in Ltr 275 Litres
Warranty Compressor of Samsung fridge India has ten years and the overall product has 1 year warranty term.
Kind of Samsung Refrigerator Double Door Top Freezer
Technology Used for Defrosting Frost Free

9. Samsung 192 L RR20M172ZR2/RR20M272ZR2 3 Star Direct Cool Refrigerator

Samsung 192 L RR20M172ZR2, RR20M272ZR2 3 Star Direct Cool Refrigerator

According to the amount of food available inside Samsung direct cool 3 star refrigerator compressor speed is adjusted automatically by digital inverter. You may lock Samsung 192 ltr RR20M172ZR2 fridge to keep sweets and desserts away from the kids in your absence. Overload in voltages occur frequently, So Samsung single door refrigerator RR20M272ZR2 is united with a stabilizer. Red colour with star flowers in Samsung fridge single door adds more look to the modern kitchen. Electricity usage of Samsung 192 L 3 star fridge is very less which saves 35% of energy. Compressor used in Samsung refrigerator single door 192 ltr is digital inverter which works for longer period with quiet operation. Curved round top shape of Samsung RR20M172ZR2/RR20M272ZR2 refrigerator looks distinctive than other fridge models.

  • Features
  • Specifications

  • Samsung direct cool fridge has 192 L capacity ideal for small families.
  • Glass shelves are toughened for holding 150 kg weight.
  • Efficient in performance with same temperature inside the refrigerator.
  • Operation of refrigerator Samsung is stabilizer free to resist voltage overloads.
  • Attractive design with the flowers and the chrome handle adds more attention.
  • No need to buy separate voltage stabilizer as Samsung fridge has built in stabilizer.
  • Key and lock feature to keep food away from kids when you are not present.

Name of the Brand Samsung
Fridge Kind Top Freezer Single Door
Defrosting Technology Direct Cool
Volume for Storage 192 L
Colour Star Flower Red
Period of Warranty Product is available with 1 year and compressor for ten years from the date of purchase from the Samsung refrigerator manufacturer.
Model RR20M172ZR2-HL/ RR20M272ZR2-NL
Energy Ratings 3
Shelf Material Toughened Glass
Technology for Compressor Digital Inverter

10. Samsung RR19M1823RZ/RR19M2823RZ 192 L 3 Star Direct Cool Single Door Refrigerator

Samsung RR19M1823RZ RR19M2823RZ 192 L 3 Star Direct Cool Single Door Refrigerator

Running cost of Samsung 192 ltr 3 star RR19M1823RZ fridge is very less as power saving guide has 3 star ratings. Kitchen space is not wasted as Samsung single door fridge 192 L has base stand drawer below the refrigerator for storing food items like onions, potatoes. Below the Samsung refrigerator direct cool 3 star handle lock facility is provided for keeping your food safe from the children. Compressor of RR19M2823RZ Samsung single door refrigerator has the better warranty term for a duration of five years. Stable working of Samsung 192 ltr RR19M1823RZ/RR19M2823RZ is possible even at the period of variations in the voltage with the stabilizer integrated. Stylish bar handle of fridge Samsung India is made of chrome that provides more interior look to your kitchen.

  • Features
  • Specifications

  • Additional space is provided below fridge through base stand drawer.
  • Round design at the top of refrigerator Samsung is unique for great look.
  • Compressor used is normal type that runs at consistent speed.
  • Extreme power conditions can be manageable by the stabilizer inbuilt.
  • Place large dishes on the durable shelves which will maintain cooling uniformly.
  • Looks modern with the bar chrome handle and has 192 Ltr storage volume.

Brand Samsung
Energy Star Ratings 3 Star
Name of the Model RR19M2823RZ/NL,RR19M1823RZ/HL
Compressor Type Normal
Material for Shelves Glass
Shade Tender Lily Red
Storage Space in Ltr 192 Litres
Guarantee Period If you purchase Samsung 192 L refrigerator, you will get 5 years on the compressor and 1 year on the product
Defrosting Direct Cool
Type of Refrigerator Freezer Top Single Door

Reading the reviews of above top Samsung refrigerator models 2018, buy the best selling one that suits for the kitchen needs perfectly.

Different Types of Samsung Refrigerators 2018

You are decided to buy best refrigerator of Samsung and want to know the different types available in top online shopping stores. We guide you in presenting the Samsung fridge models that are best and equipped with latest features. Top brand refrigerators also has the same type of models which vary slightly with Samsung refrigerator.

Samsung Fridge Types in India:

Samsung Refrigerator Single Door: Available only with one door and has freezer on the top of the fridge. Samsung single door refrigerator price is very cheap which starts from 9,500 to 20,000 based on the capacity for storage in Litres.

Samsung Double Door Refrigerator: You can find two doors one for fridge and other for freezer. Again Samsung double door fridge may vary with freezer on the top or bottom called as top freezer and bottom freezer. Price of Samsung refrigerator double door is available from 16,000 to 30,000.

French Door Samsung Fridge: In this type of fridge you can find four doors side by side for proper functioning of refrigerator. You can also get ice and water dispensers for easy access of food.

Samsung Convertible Refrigerator: This is the latest model of Samsung fridge where freezer can be converted into refrigerator at the time of need.

Side by Side Refrigerator Samsung: Innovative side by side design of Samsung fridge India has cupboard like look which consumes low power.

Samsung Fridge Service Center Customer Care Numbers

Are you looking for Samsung fridge customer care helpline numbers, just go through the below available list of toll free numbers. After using refrigerator Samsung for some years, you may face some problems that affect the performance. You should do regular cleaning as mentioned in the Samsung fridge manual for good running without any breakdowns. Even though you are unable to solve the issue then you can dial the customer care service no for assistance. All over India there are many Samsung fridge service centers which help for the repair of your refrigerator.

Samsung Refrigerator Customer Care Numbers : 1800-3000-8282, 1800-266-8282, 1800-110-011.

How to Repair Refrigerator Samsung India If Not Working Properly

There are many issues associated with the Samsung fridge after running constantly which can be resolved by your own. The simple tricks for solving the Samsung refrigerator problems are explained clearly for your information. Do it yourself for proper working of Samsung India fridge normally that is hassle free.

Guide to troubleshoot Samsung fridge in India:

Strange Sounds from the Refrigerator

  • Inspect the condenser and evaporator fans.
  • Level of the fridge should be proper.
  • Frost free refrigerators has popping sound.
  • Compressor mounts should be examined properly.

Automatic defrost is not working properly

  • You have to exam the defrost heater and timer.
  • Thermostat of defrost should be proper.

Uncomfortable Odor from fridge

  • Door seals must be cleaned properly.
  • Use the hot water, baking soda solution for cleaning inside the fridge.
  • Remove the damaged food.

Steps to Clean a Samsung India Fridge

Refrigerator operates normally if you clean regularly and lasts for long with high durable behaviour. You may think a big procedure to clean fridge for abolishing interior smell. No need to follow heavy steps as there are simple tricks for wiping the dirt away from the Samsung refrigerator. The below tips to be followed for neat and clean Samsung fridge in India.

  • For cleaning a fridge, first step is to remove all the stored food items.
  • You have to draw our all the movable drawers, shelves and racks.
  • Be ready with a wet and dry soft cloth.
  • Place baking soda on the warm water and use the solution to clean inside of refrigerator.
  • After cleaning with the mentioned solution, wipe with a dry cloth.
  • Wait until all the inside part of Samsung fridge is completely dry.
  • Now place all the shelves in their position.
  • Food you want to store should be placed inside and switch on the fridge.

Samsung Refrigerator Price List in India

Price of Whirlpool, Haier, LG, Godrej refrigerators vary from Samsung. All the Samsung fridge price mentioned differs for single door, convertible, double door and side by side models. At the time of purchase Samsung refrigerator price alters from store to store with inclusion of discounts. Each Samsung fridge model is available in all the leading online sites like Flipkart and more. You can check the price of each refrigerator Samsung product from our site. Least price in which Samsung fridge available from Rs 9,000 which may further decrease with reduction of price in special sales. There are some sites like Amazon which provides Samsung exclusive models at the festive time with exclusive offers. You can also find refrigerators Samsung above 1 lakh for french door, 5 in 1 and convertible refrigerators.

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